Tamas Marks: I thought this team was far ahead

Tamas Marks: I thought this team was far ahead

To the amazement of the Hungarian national team, they lost 10-9 from the Canadian national team on Tuesday, the opening day of the Men’s Water Polo World Cup by eight teams, despite the fact that before the tournament. Tamas Marks He was hoping to get a medal from the team.

However, in the first match, Canada beat us and we constantly made the wrong decision.

Nobody expected such a start, I thought for myself that this newly formed team would go much further. In the beginning, there were a lot of decision errors, especially in the attack, we shot when we didn’t have to, and we didn’t shoot when we could. And we were there on defense, but somehow we didn’t get there

– said Tamas Marks after the meeting.

The Federal Captain added that Canada deserves success, but at the same time the Hungarian team can only claim this defeat for themselves.

Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to return to the game, even if we didn’t deserve to win. It started with a slap now, but we’ve seen it before, it doesn’t matter how we come out tomorrow against the Spaniards, who mean a much bigger bite. It wouldn’t be difficult to move forward with this game, even if a much stronger opponent pursued it tomorrow

The captain added that it was positive that he eventually managed to physically overtake the Canadians, while at the same time giving the opponent an impermissible advantage.

Final Result – Men’s Water Polo League Final, Group Stage, Round 1:

Canada-Hungary 10-9 (3-1, 2-3, 4-3, 1-2)

Featured Image: Adam Pretty / Getty Images

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