Tamás Märcz expects a controlled and focused performance right from the start

During the general training of the Hungarian national team on Thursday, the expert said that he worked with 16 people for two weeks, which could be more beneficial in the long run, but on Wednesday 11 players finished only at the end of last week due to the season of clubs and the International Cup series and were eagerly awaited. Patience as key players.

I also told them that this time it is not the minimum of twenty-five days of preparation that awaits us, because in a long time, the World Cup final will now take place. It’s going to be a very dangerous run where we can’t stand a lot of exercise where we don’t give one hundred percent because we have to make the most of every minute of exercise.

He said.

Marques confirmed that the full framework could be put together for a week before the next tightening: He’s monitored the performance of select players throughout the year, so it’s not a huge surprise, but he found it ideal to see the national teams in each other’s company. The shirts are together in the pool at this time, but then, the “frame moves, eats, and breathes” together.

There are those who get a little stressed out by this situation and inspire others. I must pay attention to what framework we can be the most complete, the most unified, the strongest, the most dynamic and the most effective in two weeks of the World Cup. It is also important to determine which framework can be most effective against known and anticipated opponents

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– Tell. He added: Of course, there will be disappointed players who do not enter the World Cup.

He confirmed before their eyes the fact that he is very close to the next world event, the European Championship in Split that begins at the end of August, where they can also show themselves.

This is how they test their current training. Of course, everyone wants to be there in the framework of the World Cup, but at the same time they are also planning for the long-term, which is good.

– Tell.

According to Marks, the opponents of the lighter group – Brazil and Georgia – do not have the opportunity not to focus one hundred percent even on the group circuit.

I can see from the experience of his recent two-week world events that the team will get through really well into week two if they stay tight all the way.

confirmed. Marcs revealed that they can withstand a bit of stronger action in the group stage, but that it will be very important for them to remain “focused” not only during training but also during rest.

He emphasized that there is a lot of urgency in the Alfred Hagos swimming pool, where the bleachers are being built, the technical equipment is constantly communicating, and the workers are coming and roaming around, adding color to their exercises. In the past, they had fears in the past that they would be able to prepare without interruption, but in reality, in the end, there was nothing to hinder their professional work.

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In addition to the large pool at Hajós Pool, Debrecen, Sopron and Szeged host group matches for the water polo tournament. Group fights between men and women will take place in each city, with fans able to watch two matches each afternoon. Margaret Island is an exception, here the Hungarian national team and the women’s national team play, and to avoid collision with the swimming match, the first matches will start at 7.30 pm and the Hungarians will be in the water from 9 pm.

The men’s national team in Group A, the European champion and Olympic bronze medalist, will meet Montenegro for the first time on June 21, and two days later they will play Brazil on June 25.

Hungary 20 World Cup Frame:

Márton Lévai (OSC), Dániel Szakonyi (FTC), Soma Vogel (FTC)

Field players:
Dániel Angyal (Szolnok), Gergely Burián (OSC), Balázs Erdélyi (Vasas), Gergő Fekete (FTC), Balázs Hárai (OSC), Szilárd Jansik (FTC), Ákos Konarik (Szolnokze), Manherztii (Vasas) FTC), dám Nagy (Szolnok), Toni Német (FTC), Zoltán Pohl (FTC), Dénes Varga (FTC), Márton Vámos (FTC), Vendel Vigvári (FTC), Gergő Pro Zalánki (FTC) Rico, Italian)

Men’s gymnastics groups:

the group:
Hungary, Montenegro, Brazil, Georgia

Group B:
Greece, Germany, Croatia, Japan

Group C:
Spain, Italy, South Africa, Canada

Group D:
Serbia, Australia, Kazakhstan, United States

Cover photo: Federal captain Tamas Marcs played in the quarter-finals of the European Water Polo Championships in Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the Hungary-Netherlands match on July 22, 2018. Hungary won 12-9. Photo: MTI / Tibor Illyés

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