Tamas Lorenz won a gold medal in the men's 77kg category

Tamas Lorenz won a gold medal in the men’s 77kg category

Tamas Lorenc became the Olympic champion in the 77-kilogram wrestler category at the Tokyo Games, after defeating Kyrgyz Akzul Mahmudov 2-1 in Tuesday’s final.

The 34-year-old BHSE competitor crowned his career with success as he also took home the gold missing from his career after a world championship and four European titles. Nine years ago, he finished second at the London Games – still £66.

With the success of Tamás Lőrincz, he not only completed his collection of medals but also retired as the Olympic, World and European Champion in the weight class.

On Tuesday’s program, another Hungarian enters the carpet: the blonde Alex, who weighs 97 kilograms, will fight for the bronze medal with Poland’s Tadeusz Michalik.

Tamas Lorencz:


Date and place of birth: December 20, 1986, Siglade

Club: BHSE

Weight class: 77 kg

Fishing type: knitted fishing

Olympic result: 77 kg – Olympic champion (2021); 66 kg – 2nd (2012), 8th (2008), 16th (2016)

Best results: World Champion (77kg, 2019), European Champion (66kg, 2006, 2013; 71kg, 2014; 77kg, 2021), World Cup -2. (75 kg, 2017; 77 kg, 2018), vb-3. (66 kg, 2014), Eb-2. (66 kg, 2011), Eb-3. (66kg, 2010; 75kg, 2017; 77kg, 2018), vb-5. (66kg, 2007, 2009, 2010), 3rd European Games (77kg, 2019)

In one place the successes of the Hungarian Olympic team so far

Hungary is currently 19th on the medal table. The first is China, the second is the United States, and the third is the host Japan.

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