Tamas Giarvas and Tamas Portek were confronted in court

Tamas Giarvas and Tamas Portek were confronted in court

Tamas Giarvas and Tamas Portek were confronted in court

The prosecutor’s office accuses Tamas Giarvas, who is defending himself upon his release, of ordering the murder of businessman Janus Vigno. His attorney, Tamas Giarvas, told ATV Híradó.

According to the accusation, Tamas Jyarvas Tamas Portek and Peter Tsnade were charged with killing the businessman over commercial and settlement disputes with Janus Fini. According to the indictment, Tamas Portek organized the murder and hired Joseph Rohacks to do the job. Tamas Giarvas’ lawyer told ATV Híradó that in today’s trial, Portek’s testimony contained three main statements.

“On the one hand, he did not commit any crime,” he said. Third, he said that these recordings were made and tampered with by a person – for personal rights reasons – and I will not say his name – at the request of police officers.


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