Talk of 90’s TV-Show Reboots

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have been flooded with rumors of classic TV-show returns. Martin, Gina, and Pam all got together a few days back to have lunch and many rumors have started saying that this steak-lunch was also a discussion of a Martin reboot. TMZ popped up on the trio to confirm the rumor and the cast couldn’t exactly keep their excitement contained. In 1997, the show ended due to some confusion between Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell (Gina) so many people doubted this day would ever come.

A few days later, Flex Alexander, turned to Instagram to see what the fans would think about a reboot of “One on One” with Kyla Pratt. Fans of the show immediately flooded the comments with support of the reboot, tagging Netflix and other companies to pick up the show.

After more than 20 years, Jackee Harry told Steve Harvey that the rumors surrounding a Sister, Sister reboot are true. “It’s happening.” she says with a smile. Tia Mowry, one of the stars on the show, says they will let fans know when things are solid, but we are all too excited to wait for more news.

At this point, 2018 is the return of the 90s and all the 90s babies are HERE FOR IT!

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