Take a look at Gáspár Evelin's luxury home: they've moved here with their handsome partner - the Hungarian star

Take a look at Gáspár Evelin’s luxury home: they’ve moved here with their handsome partner – the Hungarian star

Jaspar Evelyn He provided insight into his new home on his Instagram page. The 27-year-old star is known to love cooking like his mom – they both passed the official dessert test in February – so it’s no wonder he showed off the apartment kitchen for the first time to his followers.

This room is already revealed, they have moved into a real luxurious love nest with their handsome lover Attila.

Jaspar Evelyn’s house

The kitchen design blends simple and elegant style. Snow-white marble kitchen furniture gives the room a clean feel, and velvet bar counters give a modern effect.

Commentators have left no word on the wonderful place that Juzek’s daughter has moved to. Many people thought it was a pleasure to bake and cook in a kitchen like this. He’s already got his first cookbook for this, Tamara Sirhatti’s book of Israeli recipes is the first piece in her recipe book collection.

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Gáspár Evelin in February 2022 in the cover photo He announced that he had found love. He met his partner Attila online, the young man wrote him a letter, they met for the first time in person after a week of chatting.

It immediately turned out that there was a spark between them, and since then, events accelerated at lightning speed. On their second date, Attila met his chosen one, and vice versa.

Evelyn Gaspar and Attila make a beautiful couple together.

Photo: Instagram / Gáspár Evelin

In November 2021, it was decided that it was time to furnish. Since Attila was associated with his work in Nyregyhaza, the star first moved in with his lover and then bought his own house. In February, they reported how hard it was getting them to live together.

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“I don’t deny it, I had to give her my minimum royal life.” I used to be served, but now I live with a man, and I must be more homely. Not only is he expecting me, but I am. It would be a shame if I didn’t wash and cook it, the Story Magazine.

Apartment Krisztián and Zsuzsika Zámbó

Krisztián Zámbó and his love of characters are really boisterous. But their extravagant family style doesn’t return home, as their new apartment is so restrained and romantic.

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