Taiwan's defense minister says China will be able to launch a large-scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025

Taiwan’s defense minister says China will be able to launch a large-scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025

Taiwan Defense Minister Cho Kucheng said that relations between China and Taiwan have fallen to an all-time low in forty years, and nearly 150 Chinese military aircraft have infiltrated the island’s airspace in just four days since Friday. According to him, China will be able to launch a large-scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025, and in fact, it can already do so, but for now, “you need to think about other things as well.”

Reuters wrote in this regard that although the United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it is the island’s largest arms supplier and regularly sends warships to the Taiwan Strait to demonstrate the principle of freedom of navigation. The Chinese government blames US policy on Taiwan for the tensions in the region.

Military helicopter flying huge Taiwan flag near Taipei 101

Photo: CENG SHOU YI/NurPhoto via AFP

An analysis by the Taiwan Ministry of Defense in September said that the Chinese military would be able to paralyze the entire Taiwan defense system and that Chinese spies infiltrating the island could cause significant damage to the economic infrastructure.

China, with its own political leadership since 1949, sees Taiwan as a breakaway province. The relationship deteriorated again after 2016 after the Independence Party Kag Jing-fen became president of Taiwan, committed to maintaining the status quo and enhancing the island’s self-defense capabilities. For this reason, in addition to circumventing its political means, China often conducts military exercises around the island under pressure, nor has it ruled out the possibility of forcible reunification of Taiwan with China. A few days ago, China, for example, violated Taiwan’s airspace celebrate Anniversary of the formation of the People’s Republic. (MTI)

7:31 AM – Update: a BBC US President Joe Biden announced that an agreement has been reached with Chinese President Xi Qingping to abide by the “Taiwan Agreement”. Thus Biden referred to Washington’s “one China” policy by recognizing China, not Taiwan. At the same time, the agreement also allows Washington to maintain a “strong and informal” relationship with Taiwan.

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