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Table tennis: the duo Sudi, Pergel prepare for a big throw

Tibor Clambar finished in 1988 in Seoul, Sella Batorvi and Christina Toth in 2000 in Sydney, and while it doesn’t promise easy, duo Adam Suzudi and Suzandra Bergil can continue in Tokyo.

The duo Sudi and Pergel prepare for a big throw (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)


Adam Saudi

Boy: January 29 1996
club: SPG Walter Wels (Austria)
Game style: Right hand offensive
International Rankings: 115.
International Rankings: 115. (2020. December)
Best results: 7-time Hungarian champion (singles: 2017, 2019, 2020; doubles: 2018, 2020; mixed doubles: 2015, 2020), 16th place winner (2020), U21 Eb-3. (My Husband: 2017), 2x Young Eb-1. (Husband: 2013, 2014)

They were largely expelled, officially receiving Tokyo’s share at the last minute. Are you comfortable?
Zandra man:
“Actually, we knew we were out a couple of months ago, since there haven’t been more races since April that could have changed the standings, we were just waiting for the IA to strengthen, so it couldn’t have been that kind of deep breathing when you get On such news from scratch.
dám sudi:“We can be 99% sure we can leave for Tokyo, so I’ve been calm, but I still feel better that our quota is now official.

Sandra Bergil

Boy:1988. December 24.
club:CTT Quimper (France)
Game style:Left-handed, attack
International Rankings:76.
International Rankings:61. (January 2018)
Best results:European Champion (Team: 2007), 3x Eb-3. (My Doubles: 2016, Team: 2011, 2019), Champions League -2. (2013), 16x Hungarian Champion (singles: 2019; doubles: 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018; mixed doubles: 2006, 2008, 2015, 2018, 2020; team: 2011, 2013, 2015, 2020), 3x 12th place winner (2009, 2012, 2014)

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– He did not start the national championship last week due to injury. How does this affect the preparation?
P. Sz:
“Fortunately, it’s just a minor issue, there was a problem with my accusation, but I don’t think it will affect anything.” I can already train, so hopefully I’ll be fine for the next European Championships and Olympics.

The European Championships have also been postponed due to the epidemic. Are you getting close to preparing for the Olympics?
“I don’t think it actually provides an additional opportunity to practice the mixed pair directly.

You can beat Europe in the eighth final

Sixteen mixed pairs only start in Tokyo, yet the palette is very diverse. Every continent is represented in the spirit of the Olympic idea, but since Australia, Africa and South America are less dominant in the sport, the duo coming from here doesn’t need to pay special attention. For other reasons, but for us, the best Asians, ie the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong, are not in direct competition, it is worth focusing on the midfield. As for points, ie the quarter-finalists, Bestig, Palazova in Slovakia, Vigrel, Polkanova in Austria, Francesca in Germany, Solja in Germany and UNESCO in Romania, Szczc may be the biggest opponents of the Sudanese. None of them are unbeatable, but since they are preparing for Tokyo as well, whoever they face can expect the Sudies to have a big fight.

“It’s like cycling, you can’t forget, right?”
P. Sz:
“We’ve played a lot before, we have a routine, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to train, especially when it comes to the Olympics. We haven’t competed together for months, it would be needed, but since Adam is training in Germany in certain stages of preparation, we have to We take every opportunity.
ups.:Yes, it will be before and after the European Championships when I train in Ochsenhausen, in my experience I have always managed to get a good fit there. As for the mixed pair, we will have the opportunity to prepare together in Budapest after the European Championships, but we will have five days in Tokyo for the finishing touches before the start.

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– Recently, in 2000, we had a table tennis top scorer at the Sydney Olympics. Can Tokyo succeed again?
– We’ll be there. Although we had the last stake, the distinction is already based on the leaderboard, which means that in the 16-party field, 9-12. We were marked in one of the places, that is, to enter the eight, the fifth and the eighth. We get a discount from those who are rated in the place. From here, the Slovakian and Austrian duo not only look impregnable, but we can also stand a chance against the other doubles.
P. Sz:As always, a lot depends on the lottery, but since we have already won the Japanese pair of world champions, we can look forward to the start with enough confidence. We are not out of the Slovaks yet, and we haven’t played with the Austrians yet, I think we can have something to look for against them, but as Adam said, if fate brings it, we will not be afraid. of the other two units either.

Hungarian duplex consciously built and well-functioning

At the start of the qualifying period, the professional team that ran the national team did a great job of making it worthwhile to lie in mixed doubles: this number has been neglected by most recent decades, so a well-chosen duo can do great. Sudi’s husband, Pergel is in fact the “invention” of this confession, and the results confirmed the choice of professionals from the very first moment. On the way to Tokyo, several scalps were collected, and undoubtedly the highest success of the 2019 South Korea World Tour, the Hungarian table tennis player rarely manages to score a 3:1 win over the then world champion Josimura, Isikava. a hero. Sudi and Pergel are also excellent doubles players – one with Nándor Ecseki and the other with Dóra Madarász – and they also have the classic right-handed and left-handed formation, meaning they have everything to be the top scorers in Tokyo by winning at least one important match.

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