Table tennis: Roland Natran remained president of the Hungarian Association

Table tennis: Roland Natran remained president of the Hungarian Association

Roland Natran will head the Hungarian Table Tennis Federation (MOATSZ) for another four years. At the new public meeting on Monday, the first person in the sport to date received 69 votes in favor as the only candidate, MTI wrote, with six against.

Roland Natran was elected to another four-year term (Image: National Sports, Archive)


At the general meeting before the agenda Laszlo Fabian, The sporting director of the Hungarian Olympic Committee spoke, saying that the sport has performed admirably over the past year and a half. By this he was referring to the women’s national team as well as the men’s singles to Major Pence I managed to win a quota for the Tokyo Olympics, and Szandra Pergel, dám Szudi Mixed doubles also have a good chance of participating in the five rings. The sporting director also praised how table tennis tournaments were organized amid the pandemic. He added that young people also had a good year, especially with girls, and he also praised the successful programs of sports and the development of its infrastructure.

Roland Netran The president mentioned that first Stephen Jr He was among the nation’s athletes. Then he evaluated in his report not only the last year, but the entire term of the elected presidency in 2017. As he said, he sees the greatest achievement in recent years is the formation of a unified presidency and a united community in table tennis, so the energy of the building is pointing in one direction.

Among the successes of Roland Natran, he mentioned the organization of the 2019 Senior World Championships and the European Veterans Championship, as well as the World Tour competitions, the implementation of the professional management of the men’s national team, the professional management of the women’s national team. Withdrawal of the women’s team to the Paralympic Games. He proudly noted that Hungarian table tennis is expected to be represented by five people at the Tokyo Olympics.

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According to the president, they managed to make amazing improvements with little money – a few hundred million forints per year. He feels that with the ranks of the federation leveling out in recent years, table tennis should rank much higher in the next seven-year cycle of the sport’s flagship development program than it did initially in 2013, when it had just “declined”. in the program.

“Because we are among the most popular sports, we can expand our sports development resources” Roland Natran promised.

The president planned for the next period that they would like to host the WTT tournament in August of this year, and next year they will present a bid for a new series, the WTT Grand Smash European Station, similar to the Grand Slam tennis tournament. He also mentioned that in addition to the opening of the Statistical Table Tennis Youth Academy at the end of June, it is also planned to build a youth youth center called Junior Clambar Academy.

Roland Nátrán also announced that he will apply for membership in the ITTF Executive Committee in the fall, and that MOATSZ will work alongside the Prime Minister of the International Home of Table Tennis Federation, following the Hungarian government’s commitment to developing new large-scale table tennis infrastructure. This means that the winning city – Singapore and Doha are also bidding – could be the sport’s new science and training hub, and the ITTF would be based there.

The general assembly approved the professional report of the board of directors, with one abstention and one abstention, and unanimously approved the report of the supervisory board, the financial report of last year, the public benefit report, and this year’s budget.

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