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Edward Norton of A Harcosok klubja poses for a photo with Katalin Karikó at the Breakthrough Prize Gala on April 15, 2023. Movie stars, media stars and celebrities celebrate world-renowned researchers, including first guest Katalin Karikó, professor at the University of Szeged, at Hollywood’s presentation of science’s biggest prize American. on his website.

“Scientists who change the world” are awarded by Breakthrough Award. mRNA pioneers were also honored in the Life Sciences category of the 2022 Breakthrough Prize: Catalin Carico and her research partner were awarded the Science Oscars. At the ninth award ceremony for the Science American Prize with the largest financial award, which took place on April 15, 2023, the recognized researchers of the past three years were celebrated together. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, festivities in San Francisco will be cancelled.

Many stars about science innovators

At the ceremony at the head of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum in Los Angeles – According to his report – “more stars surrounded the creators of science than can be seen with a telescope.” Catalin Cariko, alumnus and professor of the University of Szeged, was celebrated as a chief guest at every stage of the Breakthrough Prize ceremony – evidenced by the invitation sentences and journal articles, information on social media platforms, and the only Hungarian researcher to win a “Silicon Valley Oscar” co-authored with SZTE. Newsportal of his personal stories.

Thanks for all the opportunities

By the way, Catalin Carico was sitting at the head table in the luxurious mansion of Yuri Milner, one of the founders of the Breakthrough Prize, along with the like-minded wife of a science philanthropist and Marcia McNaught, president of the National Academy of Sciences. During the conversation, Julia Milner revealed that her husband has woven Catalin Carrico’s story into his science-related speech on several occasions, at a variety of companies. Three generations have been photographed. With his daughter Francia Zsuzana, born in Szeged, and infant granddaughter Zsuzy, the Hungarian biochemist enjoyed the loving attention bestowed upon him by one of the winners of the “Oscar of Science”.

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