SZTE hosts the Gold Team Scientific Conference

SZTE hosts the Gold Team Scientific Conference

The company covers all scientific fields. Gold Medal was established in 1989 by the National Student Scientific Council. If someone participates in the National Student Scientific Circle Conference and wins first place, they have the opportunity to apply for the gold medal. Therefore, the Pro Scientia Gold Medal is the highest honor available as a student. The same company collects gold medals

PSAT Chair Angela Jidlowski-Hajdi told our paper that she gave an introductory lecture on the topic of nanochemistry, during which she also taught cooking chemistry.

He stressed that since the conference represents all scientific fields, it provides a unique opportunity for representatives of different disciplines to get acquainted with the latest results of other scientific fields.

Conference Chair Diana Panetti said that different areas of science have an inspiring influence on each other.

It is well known in the world of science that conversations involving many scientific fields can have a very inspiring effect on the development of a single scientific field. Today, our world is very complex, we are faced with such complex problems that cannot be solved by the results of a single field of science. Food, materials, law, history and military sciences were also represented at the conference

– Tell. On Friday, Diana Panti will give a lecture entitled Insects in Soup on the exciting topic of insects that can be eaten as human food.

Diana Banati, chair of the conference, will give a lecture on edible insects on Friday. Photo: Sandor Gémes

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