Szolnok’s people performed excellently in the ob age group

Luca Kocsis excelled again, winning the 60m flat final at the Hungarian age group championships in Budapest on Saturday with a time of 7.32 seconds. On Sunday, he also won the 200m final, setting a new Hungarian U20 record with a time of 23.80 seconds. Luca Keszthelyi won the U20 title in the high jump, and also won the silver medal in the triple jump.

Event results:

Málna Firnistál (Szolnoki SC-SI): 9th – U18, 60m; 18th place – U18, 200 metres.

Fülöp Kitti (Szolnoki SC-SI): 10th place – U18, long jump; 14th place, U18 throw.

Hevesi Vajk (Szolnoki SC-SI): 16th – U18, 400m; 18th place – U18, 200 metres.

Péter Dávid Homoki (Szolnoki SC-SI): 9th place – U18, high jump.

Krisztián Karsai (Mezőtúri AC): 7th place – U18, long jump; 8th place – U18, triple jump.

Luca Keszthelyi (Szolnoki MÁV SE): 1st place – U20 high jump; 2nd place – under 20, triple jump.

Anna Luca Kocsis (Szolnoki MÁV): 1st place – U20, 60m and U20, 200m.

Réka Kóródi (Szolnoki SC-SI): 5th place – U18, triple jump and U18, high jump.

Léna Kovács (Szolnoki MÁV): 6th place – U20, 200m.

Master Lajos Zalán (Mezőtúri AC): 4th place – U18, triple jump.

Josef Christophe Nagy (Mezőtúri AC): 9th place – U18, triple jump.

Levente Simon Zalán (Szolnoki SC-SI): 7th place – U18, triple jump.

Dániel Szabó (Szolnoki MÁV): 4th place – U20, long jump; 11th place – U20, 60 metres.

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