Szolnok Olajbányász players held an extraordinary English lesson for students – with video

About sixty young students gathered in the school’s largest classroom for the special event, where team members Tamas Balai, Gabor Rudner, Bojan Subotic and Andre Williamson, as well as the team coach, Jasper Potochnik, accepted the invitation.

– I think that an unusual English lesson is a great idea, because in today’s world this foreign language is very important, – said Tamas Balai.

Children can now learn that we use English regularly in everyday life, as we speak English on the field, in the dressing room and during matches. We would like to draw students’ attention to how important and useful this language is in all areas of life. School principal Eva Vardi shared the opinion of the athlete, and emphasized that the program was organized with the aim of creating a tradition.

“Three years ago we already had a similar event, which was also received with great enthusiasm by our students,” explained the head of the foundation.

About sixty students from different categories applied for the event. In the extraordinary lesson, the participants spoke in English this time, and the students could ask a lot of questions from the athletes. Most young people have already written down their questions in advance so they don’t forget them in the midst of the great excitement.

Many eighth graders were looking forward to this special opportunity the school provides to practice the language. Questions, mostly related to sports, followed one another.

“I’ve learned English for eight years and I think I can use it well enough,” Zsumbor Odham Gabor, an eighth grader who has been playing basketball for seven years, shares his thoughts with us.

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– I consider this program a very good initiative. With great pleasure I asked questions of basketball players and I am glad that they visited our school. We learned a lot of information about sports and basketball. In the future, I want to get more serious about the sport, so I’m glad I can ask questions that a great basketball player answered.

At the end of the event, the guests distributed autographs and pens, but of course the students also had the opportunity to take pictures together.

He was looking forward to the meeting

The meeting ended in a wonderful atmosphere, for example, Barnabas Nadas, one of the primary students, told our newspaper that this meeting was one of the greatest experiences of his life.

“I was looking forward to this day,” he said.

– I knew I had a lot of questions, but I definitely wanted to ask the guests at least two, from whom I could find out how they got started in sports and why they decided on basketball. It was a class full of experience, one I will always remember.

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