Szofi Özbas and Attila Ungvari have also withdrawn from the Doha University Masters Championship

Szofi Özbas and Attila Ungvari have also withdrawn from the Doha University Masters Championship

On the second day of the Doha Googling Masters, four-time world champion Clarisse Agbigno excelled once again, giving her the best racing performance: she left no chance for her opponents, and none of her rivals found the antidote to her great throws.

Hungarian Ozpas Szovi was eliminated from the second round in the same weight category.

The category final is paired again with the 2018 and 2019 tournaments: the French had to fight Napkura Nami again in Japan. He topped the score with a score of 2: 1, and took his opponent to the ground with a beautiful hook throw, resulting in his victory. The gold medal was pinned around the neck by Marius Veser, President of the International Googler Federation.

“I knew for sure that this was going to be a difficult match because I faced a great fighter, and the Japanese knights could fight a lot. I thought I should keep the fight under control and persevere until the end. I myself and continued to advance.”

Among the men on Tuesday’s race day, Georgian Tatu Grigalasvili, who started the Champions League with big ambitions after the gold medal at the European Championships, made a lasting impression. In his career until the final, he won all but one of his matches with Ebon, and in his first match he immediately beat Hungary’s Attila Ungvari. In the finals, Frank de Witt fought hard against him, but the Georgian won a nice mix of action here as well. The awards were presented by Florin Daniel Laskhaw, Sports Director of the International Juggler Federation.

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“I try to be as strong as possible in every style. In ground combat, throws, all areas. I’m so happy that I managed to bring out the best of myself in this race, especially in the final,” Tato Grigalasvili said.

In the men’s 73 kg weight category, 2018 world champion An Changrim confidently won the gold medal in his first Masters tournament. Captured by Manuel Laranaga, Vice President of the International Conjurer Union.

In the 70 kg weight category, she defeated Russian Yoko Ono Magina Tajmazova in the final with a set of arm throwing. Received the gold medal from Vladimir Barta, Sports Director of the International Conjurer’s Federation.

The most beautiful scene of the day was the Mongolian Ipun propping Usher.

It will be the closing Wednesday of the Doha Heavyweight Championship.

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