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Szilvia Bognár countered Vides from Bex with a jam

Szilvia Bognár countered Vides from Bex with a jam

Zylvia Bognar joins the Fidesz party of Pécs – our books. It has arrived now Also Szilvia Bognár’s answerwhich also appears unchanged.

“The Fidesz party in Pécs promised a new parking lot for the Garden City, and they asked me to help them with it. Although I missed this address, because instead of following what Csaba Barcoczi had to say, I preferred to make jam, which seems like a much more meaningful activity even now.

At the same time, I would like to inform the residents of Kirtvaros that during my current term as representative, the following improvements to the parking lot have been made or are in progress in Kirtvaros Electoral District No. 16, following voter inquiries.

Newly established parking lots:

Nagy Ferenc Ter: 16 seats
Naji I Road: 11 places
Arrangement and expansion of the parking on Fulip Street, Lagos: 3 spaces

Parking lot paint:

Elis Gyula Street, Sepke Street, Vajeonji Street: 341 places

Currently in progress:

50-60 Elis Gyula Ot. From the western side, residential buildings No. 34-36. On the northern side: 55 places

Unlike Fidesz in Pécs, I don’t just make promises, I also try to represent the people of the Garden City on a daily basis.

“I mean we will continue to build new parking lots, but this will always be preceded by joint consultations with local residents in the future, because I want to help them, not cause them harm.”

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