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Szilgyi ron can do something no one in the world has ever done before

Szilgyi ron can do something no one in the world has ever done before

In the history of the sport, no one has ever won a gold medal in the men’s sword tournament. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Szilgyi could truly perform this sporting feat. In our flagship Olympic series, fencing skill took center stage. In addition to the opportunities of Szilgyi ron, we also mention the series of remarkable successes of the great field.

When the most famous figure in Hungarian literature was Petvi Sindoor in the nineteenth century. In the middle of the nineteenth century, he put on paper the lines that said “the sword is brighter than the chain, the arm is better to wear” under a revolutionary revolution, and he did not think that he would announce this to the greatest success of Olympic competition before the Olympics.

Moreover, the Italian jockey, Italo Santelli, who landed at Carodan in 1866, could not have hoped that his name would appear in the first chapter of a series of articles announcing the 2021 Olympics.

Josh Fox, who won a gold medal at the 1908 London Olympics in unusual circumstancesFurres: Wikipedia

He didn’t think it would be in Hungarian. MG could not think of this even when he won the Millennium Sword Race in Budapest in 1896. When, after such success, he was asked to establish himself in the Hungarian capital, he realized that he could invest in the history of the sport in his new home. The Blaha Lujza tri Santelli school has produced world class sports on a conveyor belt, which have also recklessly delivered Olympic gold medals to our (and “maestro”) home. Dr. Gerdi Oscar, who was strong, also won his first Olympic gold medal for the Hungarian Sword Team. It’s the 1908 Olympics, and that’s when the first team competition on fencers was held. Eight countries were nominated, with Hungary cutting Germany to 9-0 in the quarter, Italy with high odds of 11-5 in the quarter and Czech Kirlys in DNT 9-7. On July 24, 1908, he won the first Hungarian Olympic Championship CM vs.

Then soon the second. She is Dr. Fuchs Jen became the gold medalist after the team. In the past, it was not possible for Hungarian companies to participate in the Olympics, as Franz Josef allowed only military officers to begin representing Hungarian monarch Osterk. m. No Hungarian company was willing to do so. However, in 1908, not only military officers could leave Hungary, but also Fuchs Jen, the son of the master of the Palace Press, who had a law degree, joined the team. Who did not win any serious competition in Hungary. Not before nor after 1908. He won the law competition (!) at the London Olympics and then finished eighth in the Hungarian championship. The then-leader marked the Olympics, and he did well. Although Fuchs didn’t even have an association, he did talk to the Santelli School contestants about Tkariks. It seems to work. He had the great advantage that the competitions were not held “in laboratory conditions” in London, as they took place at the Olympic Open Stadium, mostly in the middle of the English period. Small tarpaulin that was made on the rough floor covered with pebbles. That’s why they praised Fox as a “gravel hero” later.

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After performing in the team competition, Hungary was represented by the eight best fencers (Gene Fox, Laius Werkner, Thoth Peter, Jane Zentai and Bla Zulaowski). The first chrome was also a member of the gold medal team. And Zulaowski didn’t, but he won six goals in eighth place and lost only one. Fox ended up with such a balance, so it was determined by a rather strange rule who will be gold and who will be a thousand. They went to the pebbly beach to take a shower once. This has also become unusual. Zulavszky attacked, Fox was torn apart, turning his last blade. With that, he ended up with DNT, and then people “knocked out” who would be the Olympic champion. According to two jurors, Fox took the tread and tore it, so the gold went to him. Two say that Zulavszky because he stole Fuchs, whose counterattack has become weak. Well someone from 113 v tells you who was right! After the jury finished 2-2, its chairperson declared Fuchs Jen the winner.

Casey Blah, who missed the 1912 Olympic gold medalFurres: Wikipedia

Fox did not compete for either of his two Olympic gold medals. The Hungarian brawl erupted into the 1912 Olympics, when one of the last coaches confronted him with an innocent face. Then, for several days, he provided such training to his troops that the commander was reluctant to take him to the Olympic Games. J did. He bought CMT together and became the Olympic champion again with the team. On the eighth day, Hungarians can be cold, and such a big day cannot be imagined in any sport! Fuchs on both sides of the podium Bkessy Bla and Mszros Ervin llt, causing a great deal of development for the organizing committee. This is because there are only two Hungarian flags available for djtads. They quickly ran to the embassy of the monarchy, but there was also no red-white-green. Mr. El-Sayed found that the Italian flag was raised “upside down” for a third, and that a small Hungarian flag was avoided from someone’s luggage.

In 1912, the lesson was given not only to the field, but also to the organizers, with the remarkable performance of the Hungarian swordsmen. In the latter, only ancient warriors bowed before the Hungarian swordsmen, but k (fortunately!) Constantly.

In 1920, Hungary could not start the Olympics due to a loss of wine, In the next nine tkariks games, the Hungarian company always won the sword. We have eight athletes, because only Rudolf Krupti managed to win twice, in 1956 and 1960. Among the champions, Aladr Gerevich, Sndor Psta and Endre Kabos took part in the Santelli “workshop”.

Jerevich Alder, Kofix PL, Kripty Rudolph, Humori Jane, Magai Denell, Kirstis Attila. Hungarian men’s sword team won the 1956 Olympic GamesFurres:

However, in 1960, we managed to win team gold only once, in 1988. After the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the production of individual gold medals also slowed down. At least 60 seconds before that. In 1964 we won the “only” Olympic Chromium title in the field, 1992’s Pence Sapp, and Shelji Ron’s last Olympics.

This brings us to the present. Namely, Szilgyi ron also starts here. You can do work like never before. After all, no one has ever won a chrome gold medal in men’s swords. In the team, yes, and all Hungarian sports fans know that Gervich Alder became the Olympic champion six times in a row, that is, the second. Because of World Wine, two matches cannot be held.

Szilgyi ron two years ago here, at, said he wanted to come home from Tokib with two golds. He is most welcome to join dntt with his conquest, András Szatmri, having previously defeated Sang Uk Oh. The Koreans are currently leading the world rankings, and the Hungarians (as well as all the fencers of the world) take the lead. Not so long ago, the two top prospects for Olympic gold met at the World Cup in Budapest, and Szang Uk Oh beat Szilgy with a score of 15-14. Reversion is possible for the Olympics.

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Szilgyi ron at the 2015 European Championships in MontreuxFurres: Agence France-Presse / Fabrice Cufferini

After that, the two-time Hungarian champion (as he wants) will win the race. Szatmri is currently ranked 4th in the world ranking list, Szatmri ranks 12th against dntbe. At the beginning of June, several times before the start, he said this on a TV show: gI’m going to be an Olympic champion, and we can’t even travel as a world champion. I order everything for this, it’s clom and she has it. We really want to be the team champion, my biggest goal will be to come home from Tokyo with two gold coins.”

He did not succeed in the famous domestic battle of Vk, winning only one victory. Jemisi defeated Cassandu 15-14. Who will be the third to start in Tokyo. He is currently 33rd in the world rankings, and in the past was also the podium in European Championships and the World Cup.

The Korean rival may be the Hungarians’ biggest attraction, followed immediately by American Eli Dershowitz and Italian Luca Coratoli. Fourth Magtk Zzelji. Decsi Tams, a true specialist for this figure in the said team in Hungarian vineyards, pstra lphet mg. He also won the World Masters Championship and the European Championship.

Szilgyi ron (Vasas, j) and Szatmri Andrs (MTK) in the men’s sword competition at the National Championships at the BOK Hall (Budapest Olympic Center). Now they will both be there in Tokyo tooFurres: MTI / Ellis Tibor

The team starts against the United States, in principle there is a chance to advance here, but it is always appropriate to keep an eye on the Americans. Let’s not forget that we were joked twice in this cohort’s Olympiad. If the boys can beat them now, they can fight the Italians in a game of DNT. With who has had enough balance lately. We have won four of the last eight matches.
m in the history of the Olympic Games we have 10 gold medals for the team, and the Italians have only 4. In addition, Hungary has won 14 Olympic championship swords. However, the Hungarian fencer could only nominate 23 Olympians.

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