Szijjártó to the American Ambassador: The days when we received assistants are over

Out of respect for Hungarians, the foreign minister said, Pressman has nothing to do with what the Hungarian government is doing.

We demand more respect from the Hungarians, even from the ambassador!

– Tell Peter Szijjarto To the ATV question David Pressman About the American ambassador.

Regarding the statements of the US ambassador in Budapest, I can say that it does not matter, absolutely no interest, what he or any other ambassador thinks about the internal political processes in Hungary, because they have nothing to do with it.

– The Foreign Minister stated in the press conference held with the Egyptian Minister of Development. This is all because Pressman told POLITICO: Members of the Hungarian government often talk about promoting peace, but from opposition to EU sanctions to Russia’s “ceasefire” proposals, Russian President Vladimir Putin They express views they support

It is not his job to meddle in the internal affairs of Hungary, and if he wants to use his stay in Hungary to criticize the activities of the government elected by the Hungarian people with a more or less clear majority, which is empowered by the Hungarian people, then he will have very difficult times in terms of improving cooperation between the two countries in general. effective

Szijjarto said.

Because when we receive ambassadors, we mean it literally: we receive ambassadors. Persons we believe have been sent here by the sending country to work for the improvement and development of relations between the two countries, on the basis of mutual respect. We receive from non-rulers and non-guardians, who, I suppose, will be sent here to tell us how to live in our countries. This era is over

he added.

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Soon after, Pressman also responded, writing:

With all due respect, we do not regard Russia’s attempt to unilaterally redraw Europe’s borders as a mere “Hungarian domestic political development”.

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