Szigarato: Today, the European Union needs Serbia more than Serbia needs it

“It does not promote a positive outlook, but we have to succeed in these circumstances, and for that we need partnerships that are predictable and Reliable cooperation partners are needed. – he stated, adding that Hungarian-Serbian relations can be described in this way. It is reported by Peter Szijjarto European competitiveness can be rapidly improved by expanding the community, and by expanding the economic space by adding new member states.

“The EU now needs Serbia more than the Serbs need EU membership” – He thought. That’s why we don’t think it’s true Brussels’ arrogant and condescending attitude towards Serbia “ – he added. He stressed that the biggest supporter of Hungary is Open the Balkans Initiative, the government also proposed that the next summit be held in Budapest.

As he said, close cooperation between the European Union and the countries of the region is essential for competitiveness, as well as energy security. He put it the last way “It seems we can only count on each other.”and reminded me on agreements to enhance energy security in the two countries, For example, the construction of the new crude oil pipeline and the establishment of the natural gas trading joint venture company.

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