Szentes’ top swimmers returned home from Slovakia with 29 medals

The international swimming competition was also a Slovak national championship, but it attracted huge interest not only from local clubs. In addition to the local competitors, Austrian, Polish, Ukrainian, British, Czech and Hungarian athletes were also on the starting line. The Hungarian delegation was also reinforced by the athletes Szentesi Delfin ESC, who started the two-day competition with ten competitors.

Szentes’ top swimmers performed successfully in Trencsén, being seventeen of their twenty-nine championship titles, but they also managed to stand on the podium three times in a row.

There was no shortage of outstanding Szentes results. Dezs Melkuhn broke the Hungarian age-group record in the 800-meter freestyle with a time of 15:44.35, and Eva Polyanyi Teley finished third in the 200-meter breaststroke.

The following weekend after Easter in Kecskemét, the twelfth. Szentes Delfinek Egészségvážirő swimmers will participate in the National Indoor Track Championships.

Individual results:

Yves Poliani Telefirst place: 200 breasts, 100 breasts, 50 breaststroke, 100 medley, 50 breasts, 50 back.

Dess Melkuhn first place: 800 fast, 200 fast, 200 mixed, 100 grain.

Zsofia Bocskai first place: 50 pills, 100 quick, 200 mixed, 100 mixed pills. 2nd place: 50 quickly. the third place: 50 tits.

Coca-Cola Violetfirst place: 50 breasts 100 breasts. 2nd place: 100 tablets. the third place: 50 tablets

Laszlo Kokaifirst place: 100 well. 2nd place: 50 fast and 100 fast. the third place: 50 well.

Roland Horvat2nd place: 200 breasts, 100 breasts. the third place: 200 fast and 400 fast. fourth place: 100 quickly. Sixth place: 200 mixed.

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Tamas Sebok 2nd place: 200 wells. the third place: 50 times, 100 times. fourth place: 50 tits. Seventh place: 50 tablets

Juliana Berezvay 2nd place: 200 issued. the third place: 50 tits. Fifth place: 50 well.

Attila Kovacs the third place: 200 wells. fourth place: 200 fast. Fifth place: 100 well. Sixth place: 50 well.

Antinjoc ChristinaFifth place: 100 issued. Seventh place: 50 tits.

Results, relay:

Women’s 4 x 50m Medley Relay, Age Group 5 – 2nd place (Eva Tilly, Kristina Antunguk, Ibolya Kokai, Zofia Bukski)

Men’s 4 x 50-meter medley relay, IV. Age group – 3rd place (Lazlo Kocay, Tamas Cebek, Roland Horvath, Attila Kovacs)

4x50m mixed relay, VI. Age group – 3rd place (László Kókai, Zsófia Bocskai, Julianna Berezvai, Dezső Melkuhn)

50m 4x MIX rapid relay, III. Age group – 7th place (Ebolia Kokai, Eva Tilly, Roland Horvath, Attila Kovacs)

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