Székesfehérvár Városportál - placed 6th in the World Championship crown in this year's Főnix SE competition season

Székesfehérvár Városportál – placed 6th in the World Championship crown in this year’s Főnix SE competition season

According to rock and roll acrobatic rules, four domestic bands qualified for the international competition based on the current national ranking list.

The semi-finals started with a total of 19 teams, of which Fevervar’s team reached the semi-finals in sixth place, as they returned to the stage again. After the second production, the Fireballs made it to the final in fifth place, where only seven formations could show their skills. After the final performance, the phoenix finished the marathon competition in a respectable sixth place.

Both the team coach and the dancers are extremely proud of this result, the result of hard and tireless work.

Dóra Benedek, the children’s coach, said he had never seen his rivals with such energy and radiance on stage, so they had really great moments for him.

A sixth-place finish in the World Championships put the crown in this year’s competition season, which yielded a lot of great results for Phoenix. Fehérvár’s team brought home from the last domestic competition with three bronze medals at the Hungarian Championships. At the prestigious event in Eger, the children’s mini Super Wings formation, the Sugar & Spice mini formation and the ladies’ mini popcorn dance formation managed to stand on the podium.

The enthusiasm and diligence of the ten-year-old Phoenix members still remained uninterrupted. Hence, the year 2023 is being approached with tremendous momentum.

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