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Székesfehérvár Városportál – Music, Sports and National Defense

Székesfehérvár Városportál – Music, Sports and National Defense

At first glance, it does not seem easy to reconcile these three seemingly very different areas. But if we look deeply into things, we can see many points of connection. For example, in the fact that sport strengthens music, because both require sufficient lung capacity.

This is more so when one approaches his service as a hobby. This situation comes in handy in the ranks of the Hungarian Armed Forces, where on the one hand military musicians are sought after and expected and, on the other hand, a sporty lifestyle is almost indispensable in everyday life, be it physical assessments and a variety of ‘fitness’ tasks and events. Military/civilian.

In Székesfehérvár MH 43rd Nagysándor József Híradó y Vétéstámotogátór Edred, these factors are harmoniously and balanced integrated into his lifestyle by Ensign Tamás Berger, now in his forty-first year, who lives his daily life as a military musician in Szákesfehrisonr an active amateur athlete.

He united these two worlds with the military when he learned from his acquaintances that they were looking for musicians for Garrison Kaposvar’s band. It didn’t take long for Tamas to be attracted to the army, because Tamas, who had just started a family, greatly admired the army, who promised a steady and secure existence. It seems particularly interesting about his career that immediately after his enlistment, the draft was cancelled, but he soon joined the Hungarian Armed Forces.

Ensign Berger has been under the influence of voices since he was seven years old, which he found easy because his mother was a singing teacher. At the age of 14, he had already applied to a vocational high school of music, and then continued to improve his knowledge in this field in the trombone teacher’s room as a master artist at the University of Pécs. Soon he found himself in the trombone section of the University of Szeged – after that he “landed” in the ranks of the army.

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He also flirted with the sport since childhood, but it really became a part of his life later, in 2011. Even then, he had close contact with this field during physical surveyors. – I actually started running 11 years ago. 3200 meters suddenly became 5-10 kilometers, then a half marathon, then a marathon – he recalls the beginnings of a flag bearer, who took one step further and found himself in the world of ultra-running.

I ran around Lake Balaton twice as part of the Balaton Supermarathon. During the four-day program, we walked an average of 50 kilometers a day, and that’s how we hit the target, he says. However, for him, the most attractive distance is the 82-kilometer Korinthos ultra-distance run from Bajál to Szekszárd, in the Gemenci Forest and along the Danube and the Sió Canal, which he successfully completed in 2020. He loves to talk about this competition – just For he thinks that through his wife from nearby Bonehead, he is more and more connected with this district and visits the county seat of Tolna often. He’s already completed several Borvidék Half Marathons here, which also added a lot for an athletic presence.

Music really strengthens sport — says Tamas, who is raising his daughter with his partner, — through and through, you gain a lot of lung capacity. Or later, which means 5-6 times a week. – My most successful period was running 100 km per week, with an average of 10-12 hours of training per week.

However, the period of the coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on training and running as well: he was given hospital and patrol duties with his colleagues: and these duties alternated frequently, from December 2020 to June 2021, and June, and then again for one month in the winter of 2021. So, The past few months have not been easy, given the lack of military and civilian actions. Of course, if given the opportunity, he would also “blew up the note”. In the summer, however, he breathed a sigh of relief and was able to pick up the trombone again, now for a longer period of time.

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According to Tamas, the same number of months of absence per month is needed in sports as in music in order to “come to one’s senses” and continue at the level at which one left off. Fortunately, as summer approaches, we find him again on the force, in the “two stops.” Of course, Berger’s flag-bearer could not miss the music during sports: he often plays the Depeche Mode piece played by Major Tamás Ruff, his band’s orchestra, on stage, which also stimulates – as he puts it, the melodies – of his performance. For example, in the last half hour of an 82 kilometer race.

When we met, we were “excited” during the rehearsal, where, among other things, they were watching the Frekai Military Festival with their buddies. He performs an important function: he is the orchestra’s recording keeper and instrumental director. He makes sure everyone gets the correct notes, and even takes care of the maintenance of the instruments. – We know a lot about the city. People love us, they listen to us with a good heart – while the younger ones often look at our big instruments, tubas, sousaphones and percussion with their open mouths – he tells with pride.

Recently, the Fehérvár garrison band has expanded to over thirty members, but they are still waiting for new colleagues who are eager to become military musicians. Because he claims that this is a truly beautiful and noble world. It is an honor for him to be able to play in such an environment as a musician and his hobby is also his profession. Young men are required to bravely join the ranks of military musicians if they feel they have sufficient knowledge of musical instruments. “I can find everything I like to do here!” – he says, already back to rehearsing with his comrades, because he cannot live without her …

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