Székesfehérvár city gate - "The place where we live"

Székesfehérvár city gate – “The place where we live”

Under the Acting White Castle Community Development Programme, historian and urban researcher Mark Vasci will deliver a lecture on Wednesday, July 21. Visitors to the program, which begins with a tour starting at 4:30 p.m., this time will learn about the secrets of Csutora’s tomb.

“Although the cemetery is an unusual place for a picnic, one does not necessarily strike out at historian Mark Vatsy for a breath of fresh air.

The July 21 program for the city researcher will be like a time trip to learn about our ancestors at Csutora’s cemetery.

If you want to know more about the history of Fehérvár, follow Márk Váczi’s lectures! ” – Says representation of the white castle The latest offer of the program.

As part of the new series, an employee of the Hungarian Urban Research Institute, a well-known and recognized historian throughout Fehérvár, will give a lecture or a walking tour of the city area on Wednesday, July 21, ten times.

For the first time, those interested can take part in an unusual program: they can follow in the footsteps of centuries-old stories and learn about the secrets and history of the former inhabitants of Sixfervar. The show will take place next week on Wednesdays from 4.30pm at Csutora Cemetery in Berényi t. Anyone interested in the free software is welcome.

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