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Székesfehérvár City Gate – Successes in Fehérvár in the first round of the Hungarian Aerobics Cup Series

Székesfehérvár City Gate - Successes in Fehérvár in the first round of the Hungarian Aerobics Cup Series

hThe first round of the Hungarian Aerobics Cup Series was held in Budapest at the end of the year and also featured the FLASH Aerobics Federation competitors at Sixferr. Excellent results were achieved, among them Eszter Bencze who won a gold medal in the field of 25 people in the Basic class 15-17 years!

Flash Aerobics SE members aged 9-17 have been preparing for this competition since November to show their talents in the crowded field.

These aerobics competitions are held over two weekends due to the large number of racing units. In keeping with the new set of rules that will come into effect this year, viewers were able to see many new choreographies, new musical compositions and of course new faces, as there were those who were able to deliver their first aerobic exercise in their lives. .


UP3 Trio 12th Place (Poros Anna Bursica, Gambur Poglarca, Gacy Bana)
UP2 Girl Singles: Laura Szili 6th place, Krisztina Bujdosó 24. Emma Légrádi-Pallós 25.
UP2 Triple 14th Place (Gréta Kottyán, Júlia Léhárt, Fruzsina Szabó)
UP2 CH 7th place (Anna Bisulotti, Sara Emery, Erzipet Lil Gueric, Nora Hosti-Aros, Purbala Tamasi)

UP1 Trio 6th place (Ester Bensei, Dóra Mészáros, Nóra Treuer)
UP1 Group 7th place (Nóra Gazdag, Hanna Kottyán, Dóra Mészáros, Izabella Simon, Nóra Treuer)
One of the secrets of success is that we can work together as a team, train together, there are no divisions, we support and help each other, even if young people take the stage as opponents in individual competitions, said the artistic director. Gyöngyvér Légrádi-Pallós. Emese helps too. As he said, a special thanks to the parents, because without their support this would not have been possible.

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