Székesfehérvár city gate - Salzburg knocked out Volán, Fehérvár got a week at his stadium

Székesfehérvár city gate – Salzburg knocked out Volán, Fehérvár got a week at his stadium

His penultimate match in ICEHL midfield was played by Hydro White Castle AV19, who had a chance to finish second before the qualifiers. This would have definitely required Salzburg to be defeated, but the match went well for the guests. So much so, that they won exactly 7-0, just as Fulan won against them in December.

At the end of last year, within two days, Vervar beat Ractar Street 7-0, then 4-2. Accordingly, there is still a chance, especially since he had previously struck six capitals in Vienna on Volan. But this time all went well, already at the start of the match, with Salzburg advancing much better 2-0 in the third minute. The home team could not stand the shock, they scored the third goal in the third of rain.

There was a time when a bad third was corrected by a team in the same match, but it wasn’t that match … Halfway through the second half, the opponent used two offers in two minutes, and it was all last. Established. There was no chance to score with five goals, in fact, in the end, Salzburg made the complete satisfaction of the December jumper. With two more strikes in the match, Hochkofler hit Fulan with two more just as Fulan hit the Bulls on December 21.

It was decided that the Ante-Carhula team was no longer better than the fourth. Of course, fourth place will also be a field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, which the Hariys must win in Klagenfurt on Sunday. Or at least get more points from Vienna Capitals at Home of Bolzano.

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Hydro Fehérvár AV19 – Red Bull Salzburg 0-7 (0-3, 0-2, 0-2)

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