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science has a DK head of Fidesz in Szeged. What did Radhi Fairez do during all this time? has a DK head of Fidesz in Szeged.  What did Radhi Fairez do during all this time?

Last week on Wednesday, the Fidesz party in Szeged held its renewal. Férès Rádi (plant geneticist, member of the General Council of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) was elected president. “As Vice-Presidents, they voted of confidence in Józef Pahl (university teacher, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Kata Chovanecs (local government representative in the General Assembly of the City of Szeged County) and Matej Biro (economist).” – Fidesz-affiliated Szeged organization wrote in its statement; For all other press products besides us.

At first, we didn’t pay much attention to him: they found someone with a more special name on Avenue Victor Hugo, but I thought he should be taken seriously like all Fidesz and NDP politicians in Szeged – not in Szeged. everyone.

Then this week we looked more closely at what you need to know about it. It turns out there are some interesting things.

Dear Feriz He was a member of the Democratic Alliance.

Furthermore it, According to Edvin Mihalik Rady Fairez “In 2016, he talked about how he was viewed as an Egyptian citizen born in Hungary, on Karács Street after the immigration hysteria, and how much damage that campaign had done to Hungarian society. A lot.”

But the real “party” started then, when Rita Slavkovits discovered that Ferez Radi could still remain a member of DK on paper. According to DK’s internal regulations, membership can only be terminated with written notification, but according to our information, the recently elected Fidesz party president has not provided such notification.

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After that, Noemi Halasz, Vice President of Momentum in Szeged, also thought that there was something to ask Feriz Radi. So he asked him these things, and so far he has not received an answer:

“As a descendant of immigrants who came from Egypt, what is your opinion on the statements of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the head of the Fidesz party that ‘the time will come when people from outside Europe will not be allowed to enter Hungary, even if they come via Hungary?’” Schengen borders. (…) May There comes a time when it is not necessary to check at the border whether someone is an EU citizen or a legal resident of the EU, but rather to check his or her origin. (…) European races can mix with each other, but not Europeans cannot mix with locals.”

As an agribusinessman with significant assets, how do you evaluate the Orbán government’s agricultural policy since 2010, especially regarding the conduct of government land tenders and land acquisition by businessmen close to Fidesz and their families? What is your opinion on the serious violations revealed by Joseph Angeane, former Secretary of State for Fidesz?

As a researcher, and as a member of the General Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, what is your opinion about the outsourcing of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences research network and the fact that Hungarian universities are owned by Fidesz Foundations?

As President of the Innovative Agricultural Biotechnology Association, which supports the spread of genetic technology in Hungary, the 20th Stat. Article provides for and protects freedom of agriculture from GMOs in Hungary?

Because of party discipline, will you be committed to being anti-GMO or will you guide the scientific views your association engages with as well?

As a plant biologist, what do you think that although the Basic Law states that “the State is not entitled to decide on the question of scientific truth, only practitioners of science are entitled to evaluate scientific research”, the opinion of the profession is still invalid in the field GMOs? The majority of scientists support the use of genetically modified plants that are good for us. We all know that climate change is affecting us faster than ever before, and in order to ensure adequate crop productivity, we must react quickly. According to the profession, there are several ways to do this, one of them is to create appropriate GMOs.

These are all important questions that Szeged voters have a right to have answers to. As well as how he moved from the Democratic Coalition to the Fidesz Party. So please answer:

  • When did you stop being a member of the Democratic Coalition and when did you join Fidesz?
  • Did you inform the Fidesz members in Szeged that you had previously assisted Ferenc Gyurcsány’s work as a party member and expert on agricultural policy?”

Then came Thursday, when I was able to contact Fariz Radhi, but he only answered one question due to illness, even coronavirus and a fever of 39 degrees.

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On that day, Feriz Radi was also the subject of a press conference for the Fidesz faction and Kurdish National Party meetings in Esztergom. Matty Kocsis had to say something. He didn’t really know what to answer.

This is all that has happened to him so far.

He doesn’t think he should talk. He has no Facebook page, no Fidesz website, and Fidesz voters in Szeged do not know who he is.

Our previous articles are about the new head of Fidesz in Szeged, Radi Feriz You can find it here.

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