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Szabi Tóth to Zsolt Osváth: I think now to heal a little spiritually, and then practice a little self-criticism

Szabi Tóth to Zsolt Osváth: I think now to heal a little spiritually, and then practice a little self-criticism

Sugarloaf guitarist wrote an open letter to Zsolt Osváth after the Youtuber said the other day he had to throw up Gabi Tóth.

Zsolt Osváth In a nearly half-hour video on Monday night he spoke About how disappointed he is In Gaby Tooth. He explained in detail why he considered the singer an uncharacteristic man, who, he says, was angry not because he was Fides, but because he lied to him.

I felt like I was vomiting Gabby Tooth. I also wrote to him that this hurts me a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hurt by Fides or pro-government, I’m not even hurt because you’re involved in politics, I’m sorry you lied to me

He said in the video criticizing him Gaspar winner And Mori Eneko he is.

After what happened sugar paper Founder, sabi tooth He wrote an open letter to Zsolt Osváth on his Facebook page. We quote from the contents of the message with the permission of the musician.

As he writes, he’s been following Osvát’s career for a long time, and if not much, there are things he agrees with. Now, however, he thinks the presenter has crossed the line of good taste, and says in his video yesterday that he said he only knew a few characters from columns in tabloids.

I find it distasteful to record a private conversation and then scatter its contents in a video behind you to – most likely – thwart hypocrisy and even get past it by worrying about various negative indicators and thus affecting your judgment and career. A good person does not do that! Can’t you make grapes sour?

The musician wrote in his publication.

According to Toth, it is a pity to shout in an uncharacteristic manner, because everyone has the right to innocence.

Zsolti, imagine that there are people who are not Basque Fedziic by arithmetic, but by conviction, socialization and experience. I know it’s hard to believe, but imagine having this type of animal and I’d risk it, it’s the majority. How do you know from the Beatles that they’re not like that? Why not honestly admit that you haven’t covered your frustration yet? We watched your screaming video in which you cry your sadness because of your political frustration

– He continued the speech in which the musician emphasized that he believed that the country and many countries of the world were acceptable.

You’ve overcome now, Zsolti. Now I think it’s a little spiritual healing and then a little bit of self-criticism and apologizing to these two singers because you can’t judge them humanly, just professionally. This is subjective, but I think all constructive criticism is welcome! In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to something you seem to have forgotten: do not judge, do not judge!

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