Szabi Papp was honest about what kind of person he really is

Szabi Papp was honest about what kind of person he really is

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

1979 song by The Smashing Pumpkins. They are a very important band to me, I was at their concert in New York just two weeks ago. I’ve been listening to them since the early ’90s, and I get a lot of use out of them both in terms of music and in terms of life. Characteristics of my youth.

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Are a lot of people asking for your PIN right now?

In a previous interview, I jokingly stated that I was unreasonably direct with people, which I tried to symbolize by the fact that I could even enter my PIN after five minutes of conversation. I am an overly extroverted person, surprising and boisterous, in the most positive sense of the word; I like to talk, I like to say nice things, I care about people.

Where did the idea for the Robot Club come from? How about the place now?

I played bass guitar in a rock band when I was in the seventh grade, so I had a pretty early idea of ​​what I wanted to do. Over time, an old wish of us came true by owning our own club. My experience so far shows that I know what musicians and audiences need. It is very important for band founders and musicians to have a place where they can get to know each other, where they have a common theme. A meeting point where like-minded people exchange ideas. I think that every city should have a place like this, where a certain subculture is presented, and the robot performs this role in Budapest.

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What was the funniest moment while filming Mind Breakers?

Everything was surreal. The concept of the show is incredible to me. The best thing is that we don’t laugh at the players, we laugh with them over silly situations. I had a lot of fun while filming, and I hope it comes on screen too, where a good cast came together. You can learn a lot from the point of view that it pays to go around the world with open eyes, at least knowing where to look for answers to the questions posed in the show. I can’t single out a special moment, because everyone was brilliant.

Was there a tactic or did you rely more on intuition when guessing?

We had to switch our brains a little bit. In such cases, everyone starts to play from their personality, knowledge and knowledge of people. Fortunately, Áron is a great professional and he brought our attention to the fact that it is much simpler than just starting to think of tips. You have to simplify your thinking in order to win. It’s a game, it’s fun to play.

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