Synthetic surfing in "flat" water

Synthetic surfing in “flat” water

Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UAE. It’s similar to ocean surfing in some ways. However, the important difference is that it requires a smaller board and the surfer is pulled by a special boat.

The surfer is pulled behind a boat by a rope that generates continuous waves, providing ideal surfing terrain – so you can go sport not only in the ocean, but even in the lagoons.

In Dubai, you can try surfing at more than seven companies on different waterways and locations. For example, at Sea Riders in Jumeirah.

Rakmajeh founder Hassan Jad not only aims to make his clients master the style of the sport as much as possible but also wants to shape the surfing community.

“Dubai has so many opportunities for so many sports, which is really great. Specifically, the surfing here at Sea Riders has the best boats and the best spots. There is not a single wave here. It is one of the most enjoyable areas to enjoy.” Come to exercise,” he said, adding that sports and society are growing.

“It also attracts people who love sports and come to learn and develop. They take me to the next level. We already have athletes who started here in the UAE and are already taking part in international competitions. This is great. I hope one day I will be one of them.”

Of course, it is not only beginners and amateurs who go to the water in Dubai – professionals from all over the world come here even in winter, out of season, to take advantage of the year-round sun and train.

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Professional surfers Anthony and Jennifer Edwards say Dubai is a great opportunity to practice and prepare for competitions, even when it’s too cold for UK sport.

“You feel so free while you surf,” Jennifer said. “Forget all your troubles. It’s fun, she’s absorbed both of us very quickly. And we’re already on our way to places where the sun shines constantly like here in Dubai – to make the most of the beautiful weather and great waters.”

Her husband, Anthony, says it’s the best feeling in the world. “The sport itself can be so frustrating because it’s a bit of a bad move that you even fell in the water. But if you’re timing well, it feels great and great.”

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