Switch to Android app launched for iOS

Switch to Android app launched for iOS

When someone buys a new phone, one of the most important things to do is to copy the data from the old device. It’s not always an easy task, especially if we switch platforms, but Google recently released an app for those who are swapping out their iPhones for Android phones.

Apple has always provided a simple solution for those moving from Android to iOS,”Go to iOS“The app is designed to help with this, although it doesn’t perform well based on user feedback. Anyway, Google has come up with something similar now, with a release”Switch to Android“Application.

If you are tired of iPhone and bought an Android device, you may want to give it a try with the new Google app to backup your data. The “Switch to AndroidThe app is now available for download from the App Store and will walk you through the basic steps after QR code authentication. You can copy contacts, calendar entries, photos and videos, and turn off iMessage to get messages to your new phone properly.


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