Switch Game Boy games are said to be N64 compatible!

Technology news – There are more and more indications that Switch Online Game Boy games will be compatible with the N64, of course within the framework of the Nintendo Switch Online.

Emily Rogers’ Famiboard post claims that a nintendo Try to simulate the connection between N64 and Game Boy games on Nintendo Switch Online:

“Nintendo has tested several N64 games for compatibility with the Game Boy. Back in September 2021, I talked about Pokémon Playground as one of those potential games.”

Pokémon Stadium has never appeared on the Virtual Console, but the tweet says this game can be included in the “link”, the tweet says Pokémon from Game Boy games can be imported into the N64, and the same goes for the Nintendo Switch Online. It would be possible, more accurately in theory, to be in the deck.

In addition to Rogers, data collector LuigiBlood also confirmed that there is indeed a mention of Transfer Pak support in the current N64 Switch Online app code, but not in game coding, but in terms of on and off. A MondoMega spokesperson reached similar news, claiming that there are more than 40 games (even as references) in the leaked Game Boy Advance emulator files.

But will these games work on the Game Boy Nintendo Switch Online? No clear answer has been received from anyone yet. At the moment, there is more speculation about the leaked emulator files circulating on social media everywhere. What we do know is that the names of two Switch emulators among them, “Hiyoko” (for Game Boy) and “Sloop” (for Game Boy Advance).

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source: VGC

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