Swimmers are warned to be careful at Lake Tisza

Swimmers are warned to be careful at Lake Tisza

It doesn’t matter when and where we shower.

In the midst of the day, the water tempts you, and those who can spend their time on the beach tempt you. However, open water pools should be aware of the dangers and rules to avoid accidents.

Those who take a dip in Lake Tissa should also know the regulations, although not many are aware of them, he writes. szoljon.hu.

When bathing, we recommend those who wish to relax to use only designated bathing areas, given that they are designated by professionals and that there are all possibilities for safe bathing on site. Thus, there is a first aid station, people with experience in water rescue are on standby and the area marked by the buoy is checked by the authorities before the start of operation

– said Ilona Mari, press spokeswoman for the Jasz-Nagykon-Zolnok County Police Command.

There are many places where you are not allowed to shower

Despite the temptation, there are places you should never go to shower. These include buoys for defining waterways, navigational obstacles, large ships, floating machines and floating structures not intended for bathing within a radius of one hundred meters, barrages and water works in a radius of three hundred meters, within a radius of one hundred meters of bridges, water extraction works, other water installations, Ferry crossings, river crossings, harbors, in the area of ​​floating moorings, floating work stations, ship bridges, bathing areas, water sports grounds, water aerodromes, ship lifting equipment, and within a hundred meters of them. Swimming is prohibited in these areas.

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Of course, the ban applies to water injurious to health, border waters except for designated bathing areas, and open water within cities. It is also forbidden to shower at night and in the case of limited visibility.

In Lake Tisza, the ban applies to a distance of more than five hundred meters from the shore.

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