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Swietelsky-Békéscsaba: 4th place at KEL

Swietelsky-Békéscsaba: 4th place at KEL

On Sunday afternoon, Bikišsaba competed for the bronze medal against Slovenia's OK Nova KBM Branik Maribor, who suffered a 3:0 defeat to OK Calcite Kamnik.

The Swietelsky-Békéscsaba girls gave it all Photo: Marko Vanovcek

The match started with points from Békéscsaba, but the Slovenians quickly regained the rhythm and gained a very serious advantage with 14 (!) points in a row, and BRSE could only embellish the result.

The second act was by no means straightforward, as the Csaba people were several times ahead. We managed to take three points away from the opponent, but after three successful Slovenian saves, the score became tied. There was a fierce battle for the match, and in the end Maribor had two set points, the second being used after a long shot from Canso Aydinogulari.

At first, Maribor, but BRSE dominated the third set in the continuation, by the end of the match, there were already eight points between them, and although the Slovenians came dangerously close to Csaba, four points of advantage remained.

In the fourth match, BRSE also fought hard, but Branik, who had a longer series of substitutions, came away with six points from five. The young team of Xapa cannot be complained about, but it is no longer capable of renewal. Maribor won the bronze medal, while Csaba finished fourth.

Zodiac sign Aries: – It was a difficult match, Bekeshsaba defended well. Both teams were tired, so the decision was made more mentally than physically.

Gabor Toth: – It's a shame for the second set, we could have been a little braver in the final and forced the host into a deciding set, where anything could have happened, so unfortunately we stayed in fourth place.

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OK Nova KBM Branik Maribor-Switelski-Pekixxaba 3:1 (14, 23, -20, 16)

Central European League women's match for third place. Maribor. Answer: Anna Matić Stepanišev, Gernot Schirmbacher (Croatian, Austrian). Maribor: Milosic K.7, Tisma 6, Leakes 12, Milosic N.15, I. Mlakar 19, Potokar 6. Subs: Cicać (libero), Sinjković, Knezevic. Coach: Zija Kos.

Bekissaba: Bekić 15, Bentier A. 8, Budai 6, Glemboczki 13, Komp 11, Aydinogulari 2. Subs: Kirtić (libero), Szatmari L., Gergac 1. Coach: Gabor Toth.

Score development: First set: 0:3, 14:3, 20:11, 23:14. Second group: 3:4, 6:4, 9:9, 13:15, 16:19, 23:21. Third set: 3:0, 5:6, 7:10, 14:22, 19:22. Fourth group: 9:5, 16:9, 24:15.

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