Swedish professor visits university

Swedish professor visits university

Elias Arner hoped that he and the other members of TTTT would contribute to the further development of the university and said he looked forward to working together. – I was deeply moved by what I saw here, not only by the serious past of the university, but also by realizing the aspirations and ambitions of the great institution. He stressed that education, science and research are the only areas that play a major role in advancing human development, and an essential aspect of this is that they must be international and cooperative. – It is very good to see that there are many majors in TTTT, which can be very forward-looking for the future of the university.

Elias Arner very much looks forward to working together
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According to Peter Nagy, President of TTTT, the board can greatly help improve the various indicators of Debrecen University, and its creation is an exit opportunity for the university. Elias said of Arner, a world-renowned scientist who is also recognized as an educator, his international experience is extraordinary, and he has collaborative activities on nearly every continent. It is also important that the Swedish professor has extensive industrial contacts, has several patents of his own scientific work, which is already used in everyday practice.

Laszlo Cernoch, the university’s vice president for sciences, emphasized that science today cannot be achieved without cooperation.

“There is no such thing as a research team doing international science alone, in one lab. Then we can really move forward and produce things that are useful to society, so that if we approach a problem from many perspectives, by working with many research groups, we will give an answer to it.” That is, the international outlook and the creation of TTTT mainly serve the needs of the university, but also the needs of society.

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confirmed. According to him, the fact that the staff of the University of Debrecen can participate in international research projects and be at the forefront of international scientific life, in addition to raising the university’s rank, also contributes to making the knowledge they offer students the most current and usable. Furthermore, it presents a well-defined career model for students who choose to work in the sciences, and work for society.

Giorgi Kosa also brought an old-fashioned textbook (paperback). He said they wanted to create a tradition; Famous scholars signed it after their lecture and later placed it in the university library, preserving it for future generations.

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