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Swedish Prime Minister Resigns – Portfolio.hu

He announced at his press conference that he had already informed the Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party that he heads and the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

Löfven will step down as party chief at an SPD conference in early November, and as a result, he will also resign as prime minister, which he has held since 2014.

“In next year’s (September) election, someone else will lead the SPD,” Lofven said. “Once everything is over, I want to create the best conditions for my successor.”

The politician said earlier that he would also lead the party in next year’s campaign before the elections.

With the passage of time, the decision had come. I was party chief for ten years and prime minister for seven years. They have been great years, but they will end once and for all

Lövfen explained this time.

The Social Democrats’ re-election conference will be held from November 3-7, at which point the party leader is elected, who will replace Lofven as prime minister if parliament votes as well.

Stefan Löfkünt was re-elected prime minister on 7 July after gaining sufficient support in Parliament, nine days after he resigned following a vote of no confidence.

Representatives of the Left Party and the Center Party abstained, while the Prime Minister’s Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and some unrelated members voted for Leuven.

Lovin said he was forming a bipartisan governing coalition with the Greens. Löfven announced his resignation on June 28 after losing a censure motion against him by the far-right democratic Swedish parliament a week earlier and failing to resolve the government’s crisis caused by a planned reform of rent rules the week he had. .

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Löfven, a 64-year-old Social Democrat who became prime minister in 2014, led the minority government formed with the Green Party after the last election in 2018, in need of outside support.

After Lofven’s resignation, Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin asked the leader of the Moderate Conservative Party, Ulf Christerson, to form a government, but said he would not be able to obtain the parliamentary majority needed to do so.

Until the new government is formed, Löfven will continue to lead the government in his capacity as Acting Prime Minister. In Sweden, parliamentary elections are scheduled for September 11, 2022.

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