Five years ago, the Suzuki S-Presso was presented as an exotic, glamorous and desirable car. Its small proportions haven't changed since then, but elements of the style could use updating. Perhaps this is what the study car, which was spotted and photographed in a shopping center in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, was supposed to convey by the editor and photographer of the local automotive website Autonetmagz, Val Wilson.

The midget SUV gets modern lighting fixtures with integrated daytime running lights and LED low and high beam. The radiator grille has also been replaced, and the Ignis-style split grille has been replaced with a monolithic panel that looks better in the era of electric cars.

Details that customers of the model could encounter in serial production are still being discussed.

It is but an illusion of the imagination that is convertible. The construction, which keeps the B-pillar and replaces the rear roof pillar with a massive bar, lacks the necessary points for attaching the fabric roof or removable roof elements – if you look closely, the creators did not leave any space for the fabric roof at all. However, the double-lid box design is innovative.

What's definitely an official Suzuki conversion is the off-road package with 15-inch wheels and off-road tires, but we're no longer sure where the body lift comes from.