Suzuki S-Cross

Suzuki S-Cross 1.4 Hybrid GLX

The test car ran barely over 1,000 miles before we took it, so a lot of times it still had to wear out. Like the gear lever, the rod, which got stuck a lot between day three and four and didn’t take the gear, was almost gone by the end of the test week, but there were still some dents in the gear, otherwise it was a well-knit build.

It beats perfectly, and all-wheel drive is also available

It is easy, but its steering is quite accurate, so it is very easy to maneuver even in the first meters. The clutch is soft, and the point of grip is less noticeable, but the starting alternator can smooth out bad clutches that would throttle a smooth engine. Getting started is very easy. The new Suzuki S-Cross is very simple and hassle-free to use, and it’s a great experience.

Even at high speeds, the car remains stable, and feels slippery on the road as the stabilizer reacts very quickly in the event of a problem. Its suspension is tight enough on fast turns and comfortable enough for road missteps – a good compromise. There are no fits, the whole body is in one, which is why it has such a good sense of fit. At the same time, there is noticeable wind noise and there is also wheel noise, and the mirrors are audible on the highway.

The motor is powerful and pulls well, and in sloppy weather the wheel can spin even on a simple start because it has the power. For this reason, the Suzuki S-Cross accelerates very well, thanks to its torque, it is also flexible on the highway, there is almost no need to change again, the engine always has a reserve. When idling, the deceleration caused by the engine brakes is strong.

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The new Suzuki is being tested at Esztergom!  9

There is also wheel noise and wind noise while on the move

During this period, the most annoying feature while driving may be fogging of the passenger compartment, as the S-Cross is quite susceptible to this. Dual-zone climate control doesn’t control outside and indoor air circulation in automatic mode, and even the air conditioning doesn’t help with indoor circulation, the windows will be damp within a few moments. However, in the outer circuit, it is barely filtering the air, so we can smell the exhaust fumes, somehow I didn’t find a good mix at all during the week of testing.

Engine consumption in the first laps seemed high enough compared to how much this engine could have in the past. Refueling showed an average of 8.1 liters, which included a lot of city but also a lot of road driving. The second consumption was already more convenient, since 6.16 liters of refueling was especially convenient in mixed applications.

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