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The dead had to prove themselves in another difficult battle, at the end of which one of them had to leave the island. Just two seconds later he fell off the island of the dead. in competition house coat He left below, so game over for him.

Petty Coat spent 38 days on the island – Photo: Press Club

Betty’s coat had to bid farewell to the survivor this time:

Meanwhile, in Guazabara, Juliska won the Defense necklace, so she’s definitely in the top three.

Betty’s jacket told the story after he landed survivorAbout his experiences, the lack of his family, as well as admitting what was most difficult for him on the islands.

It is very strange to return to civilization, after 38 days it is very difficult to recover. Very strange. Even if I have hot water and that I can shower or look in the mirror or sleep in a regular bed. For me, the most important thing in this game was to play with a clear conscience, honesty and integrity. I accomplished it. I didn’t stab anyone in the back. I didn’t hit anyone. I didn’t lie to anyone. I was really looking forward to the matches, my main goal was to do well in them, and I feel like I put myself 100% in every game. (…) I knew food or sleep wouldn’t be the hardest, but I couldn’t communicate with my family, my partner, my son, my parents and my brother. (…) It was not an easy and very difficult journey. (…) I have become friends here, and here I am mainly thinking of BalintSaid Betty Kabat, who says she will win this year’s Survival Race. He believes that the winner will be Zsovy and Goleska.

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