What This Survey Tells Us About HBCU Students VS PWI Students, Fall 2017

Each year the characteristics and attitudes of first-year college students are surveyed by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles. This nationwide survey compares current freshmen in terms of characteristics such as family income, grades in high school, and future goals. In addition, the survey contains statistics on a wide variety of personal traits such as study habits, political views, and social activities.

This survey focused on students at historically Black colleges and universities and includes no information on differences between Black and White students at predominantly White colleges and universities.

So what does this survey tell us about HBCU students? How can we use this information to help the students next year?

One thing is none of our parents are making more than $250, 0000, that’s for sure at 1.9%  Ayyyyyyy, most of us are at our first choice of colleges #HBCULIFE. 87% of black freshman kept up with what their mom and grandma instilled in them and visited a Church while at college.  We know to go and talk to God whenever we are searching for answers.

Surprisingly 56% students believe that affirmative action in college admissions should be abolished. And we need to talk about depression more as a community with 15.4% black students saying they have experienced depression.


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    June 16, 2017 at 8:20 AM

    My family is in the 1.9%. I pray both of our children attend my Alma Mater, Delaware State University! #hbcu

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