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Surprisingly, the cheeses of the Hungarian company are popular in the countries

Surprisingly, the cheeses of the Hungarian company are popular in the countries

It is unbelievable, but there is no inhabited continent in the world where Hungarian cheeses cannot be found, and this doctor is of Lebanese origin, who obtained his medical degree in Hungary. The credit goes to Kőröstej, which was founded by Riad Nabulsi in 1989. The company reports that in the past quarter century, the company has become one of the largest food exporters in Hungary.

Kőröstej exports various types of cheese to more than 60 countries around the world – accounting for about half of Hungarian cheese production – and three-quarters of its products are exported. Their own cheese brands – such as Hajdú and Talléros – can also be found on local store shelves, and in many parts of the world Hungarian cheeses are known under the Hajdú, Róna, Buda and Hungarita brands.

In 2022, Kőröstej’s export turnover exceeds 40 billion HUF, which is more than 50 percent more than in the previous year. Domestically, the company’s sales revenue reached HUF 14 billion, which means that it managed to achieve a surplus of 30 percent.

It is interesting that while European countries account for half of Kőröstej’s export markets, more than 70 percent of the sales volume is directed to the Middle East. Cheese lovers can also enjoy the flavors of Kőröstej products in Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, but they mainly ship to all countries in the Middle East. Many Hungarian tourists, for example, during a trip to Dubai, are surprised to find Hajdu cheese not only in the largest supermarkets, but also in the smallest local stores.

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This year, canned cheese from Kőröstej will also be supplied to the Lebanese Armed Forces: the Army, the Internal Security Forces and the Police. In 2023, 300 tons of bulk cheese will be exported for this purpose alone, which could reach 1,000 tons by the end of the year.

Kashkaval cheese product brand Kőröstej HajdSource: Kőröstej

Among the export markets of the old continent, Germany, Sweden and the Balkan countries, as well as Great Britain, stand out – although Brexit has somewhat slowed down the development of traffic here.

Among the many dairies in the world, Kőröstej already exports to countries as far away as New Zealand or Australia.

Perhaps most interestingly, among Kőröstej’s export products, the most famous are Kashkaval cheese, creamy white cheese, and labneh creams, while among the bulk cheeses are round and cube cheeses, flat cheeses, glass and glaze cheeses, and canned cheeses.

Most popular in Hungary are Hajdu grilled cheeses – with endless flavors – barnica, creamy white cheese, gourmet creams, buttercreams and flat cheeses. Taleros wholesale cheeses are also popular.

In addition, there are more and more exotic destination countries on the Kőröstej map. North Africa has become an important destination in recent years: the largest receiving countries are Libya and Egypt.

As of 2022, Kőröstej’s new markets include Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and Georgia. And in 2023, Mauritius and Morocco, but soon another tourist paradise, the Philippines, will also be an important destination – as stated in the statement from the company.

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