Surprisingly, jeans will be in fashion again this year: We'll tell you why not everyone wears flashy pants - beauty and fashion

Surprisingly, jeans will be in fashion again this year: We’ll tell you why not everyone wears flashy pants – beauty and fashion

In the late 1990s and 2000s, quite a few trends that we considered cyclical and that we thought would never return to fashion were overcome. In fact, however, favorite items of the time are constantly being leaked, but one thing has actually done away with the wick for many.

It seems not only the swing farmer is going to hurt again, but also the hip pants – but the news is no wonder so many women are dissatisfied.

Belted jeans are back in fashion

Twenty years ago, everyone loved the flashback piece, which is why stars go there, of course. Britney Spears, Beyoncé, or Paris Hilton, among others, did a show on these, and let’s face it, most young women have been hiding similar jeans in her wardrobe – even if it wasn’t comfy or wasn’t much liked. However, by the end of the decade, the pants were slowly losing more and more popularity and were being replaced by a mid- or high-waisted cut. The latter has been a huge favorite in recent years as well, but the low-key style has hit its head in fashion again.

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in the 2000s

Not only has the hip farmer appeared again in store displays, but has also been worn by young people and celebrities. Model, Bella Hadid, and singer Dua Lipa actually wore similar outfits, but TikTok and Instagram are also showing a lot of posts in the style. However, many are not happy that this trend is emerging and have been told why.

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Why isn’t everyone wearing it?

Several netizens have expressed concerns about the piece, which is problematic in a number of ways – and not only is it not exactly the prettiest style, or that underwear is flashing under it, which is also not very aesthetic. There have been those who wrote one of their biggest fears of a return to fashion, and others said that a lot of people are worried about appearing. Some complain that it shows too much, with most of them wearing it with a short top, which strengthens the sexualization of the female body, but that’s not the only problem with that. Pants really fit very few: because they show the tummy, squeeze the hips, the waist, emphasize any swimming elastics, squeeze the figure, so they’re really designed for women who are slim, tall, and model-shaped. It does not favor those with medium, regular or plus-sized builds, and some commentators say it directly excludes them from fashion, thus reflecting the positive body changes that have begun in recent years.

Additionally, it is not a very good choice in terms of health. It can tighten the muscles around the waist and hips, causing circulation problems, numbness, discomfort while sitting, pushing the bowels, not to mention leaving the lower back and abdomen empty, especially in cold weather even kidney and urinary problems or ovarian infection.

Of course, it’s not the case that no one can wear the piece, everyone is wearing whatever they want and there are actually those who do it really well. But most people think it would be nice if no one had such pants just in stores again, the trend would be so strong. In any case, TikTokon has embarked on an entire campaign against hip panties, so no matter how many designers, brands, and bloggers are trying to bring them back into fashion, there is probably little chance that they’ll get just as crazy again as they were in the 2000s.

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What kind of jeans make up your butt most beautiful?

Everyone wants you to paint your backside as closely as possible from your favorite jeans It is no coincidence that the first thing most women do in a booth is that when they put on the pants, they almost immediately turn around and check how the chosen piece is positioned on the back. However, one thing that most people forget is the shape of the seam between the waist and the pockets. This is what, outside of the pockets, really affects the shape of your butt in your pants. That’s why you need to know which welds are best for shapes. Plus, with this little trick, you can guess before trying it whether or not the selected piece will work well.

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