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Surprisingly, Alan Wake arrived in Fortnite in a rare and wonderful way

Surprisingly, Alan Wake arrived in Fortnite in a rare and wonderful way

Ahead of the release of Alan Wake II, Epic Games is pushing its marketing over the top with a unique Fortnite game mode.

10/17/2023 – I can barely sit on my ass, counting down the days until Alan Wake II is released in my sleepless head. But I do not mind. 13 years. What is this? Does he sit on the toilet too? – Not exactly like that, but Baba Matiz’s wise words of calm resonate within me. As an Alan Wake fan, I’ve been dreaming for 13 years of the day it would finally become a reality on October 27th. I never believed it, but I trusted it would happen one day.

Then suddenly Fortnite.

bubble! How does the popular battle royale game come into the picture? Well, Epic Games has embraced the dream of the fans and the legendary cure, and has made sure that after many years of waiting and longing, the second part of the survival horror can actually be completed. So Epic Games became its publisher, and it probably had a lot to do with the fact that they could sell Alan Wake II, the best in every respect, for 17,000 HUF, which is a fraction of a AAA game (in Hungary, it costs 20,000 HUF on console due to high taxes standard…).

NADE, I digressed a bit: So Epic is the publisher, which has another absolutely inevitable game, of course Fortnite. Being a multiplayer game that attracts most players in the world, there have been collaborations with clear marketing purposes several times in the past – for example, they organized a concert, made their own skins for various artists, showed trailers and movie trailers, and so on, and so on. And that’s how we got to Alan Wake.

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Bringing the usual Halloween fun, the update revealed that Alan will be getting his own Fortnite character, which players will be able to purchase from the item shop for some V-Bucks, but we had no idea the horror train wouldn’t stop here. Although Remedy claims that you don’t need to know the story of the first chapter to enjoy Alan Wake II, Epic is making sure that no one scratches their head for a minute while playing.

So now the story of the first part is retold in a half-hour Fortnite adventure.

In Alan Wake: Flashback, the full single-player mode available in Fortnite, we get to relive the events of the original 2010 in a slightly abbreviated form. What’s more, we will not just be passive observers of Alan Wake’s events, but we can also participate in them, even with the help of the famous flashlight (Energizer).

Of course, all of this is completely free for all Fortnite players, all you have to do is find it in the game modes or enter the island code 3426-5561-3374, and then you can enjoy the soft horror. However, those interested in all the details of the excellent story have plenty of opportunities to catch up until October 27. Moreover, you don’t even have to start the game 13 years ago for this, but the nicely remastered version is from 2021 (which I wrote a review of here that year), and it’s very cheap, just… It is sold for 8,280 HUF (In the sale, a bribe of 3,000 Hungarian forints is made = a gift).

This is a great little collaboration, and I’d love to see more Quicksand like titles from other games not published by Epic. It’s just that since we can also see serious marketing here, you will likely be issued a hefty bill by Epic with many, many zeros at the end. But anyway, at least there’s Alan Wake, nothing else matters anyway. (Don’t be a fool, it was a joke. Bad joke, eh.)

And did you know that Alan Wake II will also run at full speed on a potato computer?

The most beautiful game of the year will run beautifully on even the most potato-addicted PC

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