Sure, the schools will open on April 19, the terraces are not provided by the government «Standard

Sure, the schools will open on April 19, the terraces are not provided by the government «Standard

And decrees were issued on fighting the epidemic on Saturday In the Hungarian newspaperWhich, to a large extent, contains the already advertised “reopening” modalities.

The stricter restrictions, which were originally announced until March 22, will certainly remain in effect until April 8, and once the two and a half million vaccines are given (as a first dose) we can expect:

  • The curfew is in effect between 10 PM and 5 AM
  • The service sector may restart;
  • Catering establishments may continue to operate only in or out of the food delivery system;
  • All shops may be open from 5 AM until 9:30 PM;
  • There may only be 1 customer per 10 square meters of stores plus those who work there;
  • In a store of 10 square meters or less, only one customer might be outside the workers at a time;
  • If one-tenth of the area of ​​the shopping area is not an integer, then the obtained value should be rounded from 0.5 to below;
  • The store operator or manager must clearly display the number of people who may be in the shopping area at one time;
  • The shop operator or manager is obligated to ensure that those waiting in front of the store – except for those who live in a common house – maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, provide customers with hand disinfection, and constantly disinfect surfaces and equipment used for shopping (such as baskets).

Although the government has only spoken of conditions about reopening public education institutions in the past few days, according to the just-issued set of regulations, it is certain that schools, vocational training institutions and kindergartens will reopen on April 19. In this regard, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Friday:

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Schools could open if institutional workers were vaccinated, as well as teachers, so if this is achieved by April 10, there is a realistic chance of resuming education in the nineteenth semester.

However, the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) indicated to the Prime Minister in an open letter yesterday that he strongly protested the opening of establishments before the development of adequate protection for workers after vaccination. Protection was officially reported by the government on the 14th to the 28th following the second vaccination. So the April 19 deadline in the specified timeline is clearly unrealistic.

The union also demanded an extension of the deadline for teacher registration until March 29, as many are not aware of this, and employees working for outside companies (such as cleaners, technicians, and contract teachers) cannot register at all.

Prime Minister Girjeli Gulias responded to the union’s concern today on his Facebook page: He said that the PDSZ could be satisfied with the right, as the government complied (over and over for several months. It reprimanded and tried to control teachers against reopening schools. According to the minister, the union “It imagines itself as an opposition party.”

By the way, Goulash continued yesterday Online reception hours He said that it is possible to open the balconies of the catering units in April, but the detailed rules of the reopening plan issued today do not stipulate that yet.

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