Support for the new portable console and FSR was introduced with a Radeon software update

Radeon Software Adrenaline version 21.6.1 fixes several bugs as well as supports new features.

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Today AMD revealed FidelityFX Super Resolution (which has NVIDIA features and functionality) In our previous article In more detail), the improvement has already arrived in version 21.6.1 now available from Radeon Software, but this is not the only novelty in the package.


Installing new software is necessary as indicated by the manufacturer at Computex Radeon RX 6800M To use a graphics driver, as support for this has just been added to the program. Another major innovation in the update is the optimization for Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, but of course the new version also fixes many of the previously known bugs – the bugs fixed are listed below:

  • Radeon FreeSync may crash on the desktop after switching between multiple monitors after closing the game, which may cause freezes and a decrease in performance.
  • Anno 1800 may have frozen if we tried to boot into DirectX 12 mode.
  • When deleting unneeded files left over from previous driver versions, registry entries for the system chipset or RAID controller may have been deleted.
  • With an earlier version of Radeon Software Adrenaline, some Radeon graphics consoles may have decreased performance compared to the previous state.
  • The AMD User Experience Master Program feature may have resulted in higher CPU usage than expected.
  • Running Ring of Elysium in DirectX 12 mode may prevent the game from enabling ray tracing.

Version 21.6.1, Adrenaline Family Update 2020 This rated driver package supports 64-bit Windows 7, 10 and Radeon RX 400, 500, 600, Vega, VII, Pro Duo, 5000, 6000, and Pro series graphics cards, as well as Radeon portable graphics cards. Using at least 4th-generation GCN installable architectures that support up to Ryzen and Athlon APUs with IGP based on Vega architecture. For laptops, AMD offers general product support, which means that the package can be installed on laptops with the appropriate hardware, but is not responsible for individual and specific features, which still require separate product support from the system manufacturer.

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Radeon Software Adrenaline 2020 Edition 21.6.1 Software Bundle and Companions documentation Download About AMD Server.

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