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Support for the EU in Hungary has fallen sharply

Support for the EU in Hungary has fallen sharply

In one year, the proportion of Hungarians who have a favorable opinion of the European Union fell by 10 percentage points, according to a recent report from the US Pew Research Center. From his poll.

According to the poll conducted in 24 countries – and not just members of the European Union -, despite the decrease of 10 percentage points, the proportion of those who see the Union favorably is still 59 percent, while the proportion of those who have a negative opinion is 59 percent. 39 percent. . In contrast, the EU average is 69 percent for favorable opinions and 31 percent for unfavorable opinions.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

But, for example, the perception of Brussels has deteriorated a lot in France, where the rate of decline is nine percentage points, so the percentage of positive opinions there is weaker than in Hungary, 57 percent, while 41 percent have a negative opinion. From the union.

By the way, compared to last year, opinion about the European Union has worsened in all EU member states surveyed,

Largely in Hungary, and to a lesser extent (by 1 percentage point) in Greece, although the percentage of positive opinions there is still only 49 percent.

Among the countries surveyed, the survey authors had the most positive opinion in Poland, where although the proportion of those who view the EU favorably fell by two percentage points, it still stood at 87%. It is also worth noting that the highest level of support for the European Community was measured in five of the nine EU member states participating in the research last year, while the lowest point of support for the Union was in 2016 in six countries. In Hungary, the lowest point was 2018, when only 57% spoke favorably of Brussels.

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