Supercells and ice can also be used

Supercells and ice can also be used

In the southern and southwestern part of the country, giant cells may also form, strong crosswinds and ice may also occur – read On the Time Picture page.

Today can be a real treat for those who love storms, because after the morning precipitation regime has passed, the weather conditions in the southwestern part of the country will be favorable for the formation of supercells, also known as the king of thunderstorms, they write.

According to the calculations of the Időkép model, we can expect more extreme events approximately south of the Balaton-Kecskemét line.

Supercells there can be accompanied by strong storms of up to 80-100 km / h and larger ice of a few centimeters. Several cells can pass over a certain place, which can lead to a large amount of precipitation up to a month and a half.

OMSZ also warns that Class 1 and Class 2 alerts are in effect in many provinces

Thunderstorms may occur in more and more waves from the west from morning and noon during the day, with the lowest probability in the northern border areas. National Weather Service.

In the afternoon and early evening in the southwestern and southern regions of the country – in the case of the most negative scenario – violent thunderstorms may develop, which may also form in a system.


Near thunderstorms, strong winds (60-80 km / h, in case of severe thunderstorms ~ 90-110 km / h), hail (1-3 cm, in case of severe thunderstorms 2-4 cm ), as well as migration If the cells are repeated in a short time, more precipitation (25-40 mm) may also fall locally.

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During the evening, the weather stabilizes from the northwest, and the activity of thunderstorms is gradually limited to the southern regions.

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