Super Moon will light up tonight – send pictures! – News of the Great Southern Plain

Submit your own picture of the giant moon, and the photos will be published in the photo gallery! We are waiting for pictures here showing the location of the photographer and shooting: [email protected]

While some astronomers may not be able to tolerate the term “super moon” and the hype surrounding it, the truth is that if the full moon phase occurred at the point of the lunar orbit closest to Earth, the moon would appear larger and brighter. Turistamagazine. Compared to a “middle” full moon, we can see an orbiting celestial body about seven percent larger, while its brightness could be 16 percent stronger.

You’ll also notice the phenomenon of the giant moon this night above us, which was seen as recently as February, but since it’s a coincidence of varying frequency, there might be a year when it never occurs. The goal is to take advantage of the clear weather tonight, the warmth that’s almost appropriate for the season, and let’s take a look at the full moon a little above us, where you can’t even get close.

While we can enjoy a brighter than usual moon, there will be lunar eclipses from many other parts of Earth (such as Australia and New Zealand). If you don’t want to miss this, you can follow the phenomenon via the live broadcast below.

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