Summer Dia mesmerized everyone without a bra on Friday the 13th

Yári Dia had a bra-less day on Friday the 13th.

Many people fear Friday the 13th, because they believe that this day can bring bad luck, misfortune and all kinds of bad things into our lives. On the other hand, others consider this day to be the luckiest of the year, some people schedule their weddings specifically for this day, and some people have children on this day, so opinions are quite divided.

Dia Nyari, the former actress of Barátok közt, was curious if her followers were superstitious. On Friday the 13th, she posted a picture on her social media page in which she is seen without a bra, in a very extravagant dress.

The Hungarian DJ's breasts are so big that NASA would easily consider them planets

The Hungarian DJ’s breasts are so big that NASA would easily consider them planets

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In the comments section we can mainly read praises and compliments, Nene Molnar also expressed some sentiments about how great the photo of Diya is, but there were also people who answered the actress’s question and told how they relate to Friday the 13th superstition.

“I bought the lottery, just in case…”

“We got married on Friday the 13th”

“Since my daughter was born 4 years ago on Friday the 13th, today has been my happiest day in the world!”

So obviously a lot of people see Friday the 13th as their lucky day, and many of our commenters must have felt lucky that Summer Dia delighted them with this hot and cute photo on this day.

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