What Summer Break Is Like For Out Of State Students

It doesn’t matter if you attend a big university, small university, PWI, or a HBCU; there are still certain aspects of college life that seem to be universal. Many college students know what it’s like to have sleep for dinner or how stressful an 11:59pm deadline can really be. All these similarities can come to a screeching halt however, when summer time rolls around and out-of-state students head home. Students who decide to stay in their home state for college don’t fully understand the #summerstruggle that out-of-state students experience during summer break.


Move Out Day:

This summer struggle that we (out-of-state students) experience doesn’t even wait for us to get back home and instead starts on move out day. Move out day is a time that all college students look forward too because it represents the first day of our summer freedom. In state students have the luxury of simply putting all their dorm belongings in the back seat of their care and driving home carefree.

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However, for out-of-state students, move out day is more like an Olympic event. Before move out day comes we have to take the time to find a storage unit that’s cheap and still secure enough to hold our dorm belongings during the break. We then have to go through our things and decide what we want to put in storage and what we want to come home.


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Traveling Home:

After we fully have our dorm cleared out and we’re ready to head home, we now have to start the process of traveling back to our home state. Traveling home for an out-of-state student can be a full day process. Before I transferred closer to home, I was attending a university that was an 18-hour drive from my house (4 ½ hour flight). In state students may make plans to link up with their friends once they make it home, but all an out-of-state student wants to do when they make it home is sleep.

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Every state has its own cultural, and no one knows that more than an out-of-state college student. While we’re at college we have to adjust to the way things operate in that state. Something as simple as the slang and clothing style of our in state peers, to things a bit more serious like what items are taxed and by how much. Once we make it home, it’s time for us to readjust to the cultural and way of life of our home state.

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College Friends vs. Back Home Friends:

There will come a time for all students who attend college out-of-state where you have more friends at college than you do at home. This can make for a boring summer because all of your friends are miles away from you. There are many times during the summer break that out-of-state students will feel left out because they won’t be able to attend the fun activities their in state friends are doing together.

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Also, because we spend more time out-of-state than we do in state, a lot of our friendships from high school will naturally start to fade away.

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“Why Do You Go There?”:

All college students are interrogated by their family members during summer break. We have to deal with questions about our major, expected graduation date, grades, and our potential love life. Out of state students are no exception to these questions, but we also get the bonus question “Why do you go there?” People always want to know why we decided to attend school out-of-state. Then once we explain to them why we picked the school we did they will still look at us as if we’re crazy and will list all of the “good schools” we could have attended if we stayed in state.

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The struggle may be real for all college students, but out-of-state students just have a little bit more of the college struggle to deal with. Even thru all of the summer struggle out-of-state students can face, it’s still very important to enjoy your summer break! Work through any awkwardness and make efforts to keep your back home friendships. Plan ahead and before summer break rolls ahead try to schedule a trip mid-summer to see your college friends. Don’t allow anyone to make you second guess the school you picked. Most importantly, remember that summer break will be over before you know it so be sure to appreciate every second of it while it’s here!

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