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Sugoparti News – Two days, two local competitions

Sugoparti News – Two days, two local competitions

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the pictures:Mogi Bagai Judo Club Facebook page

Baja Regional Competition 15.04.2023 Association 108 participants

Messam Plaque first place!

Our youth team once again pleased our association with excellent results, and based on the results achieved, we also won first place in the medal table!

Student B is a boy

32 kg Betnaouer Alex fifth place

The first place, with a weight of 35 kg, was Janos Kyrex

45 kg First place Bab Konstantin

45 kg Áron Kovács 3rd place

55 kg, first place, Leonard Balfe

55 kg Vadai Arnold second place

boy student

32 kg First place Honor Toth

1st place with a weight of 35 kg Janos Mijalovic

35 kg Zsolt Szévald 3rd place

41 kg Levente Parketti third place

41 kg Fourth place Tooth Camille

Student A, Girl B

30 kg Sarah Buker first place

44 kg Csete Ella first place

48 kg First place Varga Purbal

Teenage age group

36 kg Levente Nagy first place

36 kg Jonathan Kireks second place

36 kg Third place Honor Toth

36 kg Janos Mijalovic ranked fifth

36 kg Zsolt Szévald fifth place

40 kg Second place Peter Takash

40 kg Tooth Camille Fifth place

45 kg Levante Parketti fifth place

55 kg Yanko Butund fifth place

81 kg, Matte Hadoba, first place

33 kg Maja Radics 1st place

48 kg City Ella second place

52 kg Tooth Sarault first place

63 kg Esther Kmitovic fourth place

On April 2, the all-around gold medal competition was organized by the Mogi Bagai Judo Club. In addition to the great interest, the youngest judokas in the region showed off their skills. 230 judokas from 22 associations participated in the combat training. The valiant struggle was rewarded with 1-1 gold medals, and so that no one would feel a bitter taste in their mouths, participants could also receive a small package of sweets from Mogyi Kft.

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