Sugar shortage in the United States threatens French fries in Japan before the holiday

In Japan, McDonald’s said that due to a shortage of french fries (there are few ingredients), food will only be sold in small portions at restaurants until December 30 so that everyone can have them for the rest of the year. However, US companies are also unable to keep up with demands due to not having enough sugar to make sweets.

Companies in the United States and Japan are struggling with shipping and logistics problems. McDonald’s restaurants in the latter country will temporarily restrict the sale of french fries from Friday. Article by The Guardian according to Until December 30, french fries will be available only in small portions, however, it has not been revealed how the company’s employees organize this.

The company imports potatoes from a port near Vancouver, Canada, but delivery ships have been delayed due to the pandemic’s impact on the global supply chain and flood damage. BBC article according to The company is trying to solve the problem of air freight.

The picture shows McDonald’s friesForrás: ddp images via AFP / Joerg Koch

And in the United States, it’s hard for confectioners to know where to get enough sugar for holiday orders. Fox Company booksSales of seasonal confectionery products rose 20 percent in the five-week period to December 5 compared to last year, while sales of winter foods (excluding chocolate) rose more than 30 percent. Thus, it is not surprising that companies in the country are unable to keep up with the demands.

The shortage may be due, among other things, to the fact that the United States imports about a quarter of its annual sugar needs from other countries, As part of the local sugar beet crop was destroyed when Hurricane Ida swept through Louisiana. However, the steady rise in freight rates in Brazil and Thailand (the world’s largest sugar producers) will not help solve the country’s deficit problem.

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